Angelina Jolie’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Angelina Jolie’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Angelina Jolie- the world knows her. The top most actress in Hollywood, she is known for her power packed performances, humanitarian work across the world, her marriage to one of the wealthiest and most celebrated Hollywood stars , Brad Pitt and her six children, out of whom three are adopted.

A woman of substance, she is known for her hard work and her courage. Owing to her family history of cancer, she took the most difficult decision of a woman’s life and went ahead to remove her breasts and ovaries to lead a cancer-free life. Her inspirational story started in 2001 when she did ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’.

An unapologetically strong woman, the world went ga-ga over her after this movie. To fit in her role, she followed one of the toughest fitness regimes and diet plans. But she emerged victorious and more confident than ever before. The movie made her a global celebrity and won her fans in every nook and corner of the planet! Her fitness in the movie became the talk of the tinsel town and she became a poster girl for fitness plans.

Jolie’s height is 5’8″ and she weighs around 59 kgs. The successful actress has a perfect figure which makes her a role model for every woman who either wishes to lose weight or get an absolutely stunning figure like her.

What if we give you the secrets of Angelina Jolie’s killing figure and tell you that it is possible to achieve it with sheer determination and unwavering hard work? Yes, here we have jotted down every single detail of Jolie’s workout routine and diet plan for you! Scroll down to unravel the tips to get Jolie like figure.

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Angelina’s Jolie Fitness Regime- Gymming

Dedicated Routine for the Movies like ‘Wanted’ and ‘Salt’ for ultimate fitness

The ‘Wanted’ actress follow a strict exercise regime for the entire week. Though it is hard to match her exercise schedule, you can surely give it a try and get that ultimate figure to die for!

Here, we have jotted down Angelina’s daily exercise plan so that you can take a cue from it, and start your journey towards a healthier body.


Angelina’s Monday routine includes the following exercises:

  • Wide Dumbbell Squats (she repeats it 15 times)
  • Forward Lunges (15 repetitions)
  • Side Lunges with Twist (15 repetitions)
  • Squat and Press (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Cable Lat Pull downs (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Rows (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Close Grip Bicep Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • 30 secs of either Mountain Climbers, or Jump Rope
  • High Knees

She repeats circuit exercises for two to three times. Her focus of circuit training on Monday is on her legs, back, abs and her arms.

30-45 Minutes of High Intensity Intervals Training Cardio work (also known as HIIT). It includes either one of them or a combination of two:

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Star Machine
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Or any other cardio activity

For most of the exercises mentioned above, Angelina uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell weight.


Angelina Jolie Diet for Salt
‘Salt’ Movie

Exercise regimen for Tuesday includes these exercises:

  • Dumbbell Chest Press (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Fly-s (10-repetitions)
  • Overhead Shoulder Press (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Lateral Dumbbell Raises (10-12 repetitions)
  • Triceps Extensions (10-12 repetitions)
  • Wood Choppers aka Oblique Twists (15 repetitions with each arm)
  • Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Medicine Ball Push Ups (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Climbers (12 repetitions each leg)
  • Planks (15 repetitions of 1 min hold)
  • 3 repetitions of circuit exercises. Her focus on the second day of the circuit training is on her chest, arms, abs and shoulders.
  • To finish her Tuesday exercise plan , she does 30-45 minutes of cardio activity

With activity of every day, she tries to focus on her entire body and makes sure she is working on every body part to get the ultimate Hollywood shape. For these exercises, the ‘Salt’ star uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell weight.


Angelina Jolie’s Wednesday exercise regime:

With her workout routine on this day of the week, the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ actress aims for core workout for the entire body. Her schedule for this day include the following exercises:

  • Squat and Press
  • Reverse Lunges (each leg)
  • Single-leg Pelvic Thrust
  • Pushup into Side Plank
  • Cobra Planks
  • Reverse Dips
  • Pike Push Ups
  • V-Ups
  • Heel Touch Crunches
  • Straight Leg Crunches
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Treadmill (Sprint 1 min/ Slow Jog 1 min)
  • 35 minutes of an aerobic workout to finish the exercise plan for the day.

The beginners are not required to do circuit training for a long duration, but with regular exercise training, they can get to the more advanced levels and increase the time of performing this particular training. The Hollywood Star uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell weight for performing the above mentioned exercises.


Angelina Jolie workout schedule for Thursday include the following exercises:

(On Thursday, her focus is back on her legs, back, arms and abs.)

  • Wide Dumbbell Squats (15 repetitions)
  • Forward Lunges (15 repetitions)
  • Side Lunges with Twist (15 repetitions)
  • Squat and Press (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Cable Lat Pulldowns (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Rows (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Close Grip Bicep Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • 30 secs of Mountain Climbers or Jump Rope. Sometimes, she also performed High Knees.
  • Repeat circuit 2-3 times. If required, the one performing this can switch the rotation of every exercise.
  • 30-45 minutes of High Intensity Intervals Training Cardio work

To getting most out of the circuit training sessions, using every muscle group and their parts is the right approach, as per the trainer of Angelina Jolie, Gunnar Peterson. For performing the above mentioned exercises for Thursday, Jolie uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell weight.


Workout session of Angelina Jolie for Friday aims at working on her arms, abs, chest and shoulders. The Friday set of exercises include:

  • Dumbbell Chest Press (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Flys (10-12 repetitions)
  • Overhead Shoulder Press (10-12 repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Curls (10-12 repetitions)
  • Lateral Dumbbell Raises (10-12 repetitions)
  • Triceps Extensions (10-12 repetitions)
  • Wood Choppers aka Oblique Twists (15 each arm)
  • Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Reverse Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Medicine Ball Push Ups (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Crunches (15 repetitions)
  • Stability Ball Climbers (12 repetitions each leg)
  • Planks (15 repetitions with hold time being one minute)
  • Circuit exercises for at least three times in total, change rotation of each exercise, if you wish to
  • 30-45 Minutes of cardio activity which includes cycling, running, dancing or aerobics; this should finish the workout plan for the week

Angelina Jolie usually uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell weight for practicing the exercises assigned to her Friday regimen.

Angelina Jolie’s fitness regime- The alternative exercises

Apart from the schedule shared above, Angelina practices Yoga, Kickboxing along with other exercise forms. Read about them further in the article and grab some more secrets of Angelina Jolie to get a perfect figure like her!

  • The ever powerful and effective yoga

Angelina uses the power of Yoga to keep her body well toned and in shape. Also yoga strengthens the body and help an individual to be at calm with herself. Jolie, who is a Golden Globe Award winner, uses the secrets of Yoga to maintain her perfect shape. She regularly engages herself in elaborative yoga workout sessions to tone her muscles and stay in her sleek figure. It also encourages flexibility as yoga exercises include stretching. Unlike hardcore training in the gym, Yoga never adds bulk to the body thus it is an ideal form of exercise for those who wish to be slim.

With the kind of lifestyle which Angelina Jolie lives through, she must be facing stressful situations while also trying to cope with her daily schedule- which often doesn’t leave much time for self rejuvenation. In such a scenario, Yoga is also effective in fighting off stress and keep the happy hormones active. It brings balance to one’s otherwise hectic life. It helps a person to unwind from distressing situations., feel more confident about oneself and look for positive energy in her life.

Angelina was taking regular yoga sessions to prepare for her movie Tomb Raider and its part 2. This is what she said about Yoga and how it was important for the character ‘Lara Croft’ she was playing on the big screen:

“I never thought I’d like yoga. I thought I’d hate it, but i really like it. we wanted her to really be as whole a human being as possible. I think we wanted her to have that fire–and that bite–but also to be really relaxed.”

  • Angelina explores the power of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is basically an exercise imspired by martial arts. The ‘Tomb Raider’ actress performs kickboxing as it helps her maintain a toned and sleek body. It strengthens the legs and tone muscles. Moreover, kickboxing is a great exercise option when one is looking to improve flexibility, coordination and body balance. With keeping the body in a great shape, it helps building self-confidence and makes one feel more secure about herself.

  • Twisted Lunges

Angelina’s fitness trainer- Gunnar Peterson- whose clientele includes all the Hollywood Biggies had designed the lunges known as twisted lunges. It tones and strengthens the lower part of the body. Peterson’s twisted lunges usually include:

  • pull ups
  • squats and press
  • bicep curls
  • a set of shoulder exercises

With bringing variations in the twisted lunges, one can make her entire body work. It improves proprioception and balance.

Summing up Angelina Jolie’s fitness plan

For burning fat and keeping her body in an excellent shape, Jolie largely combines aerobics and other cardio exercises along with strengthening exercises and resistance. This definitely delivers her great results along with maintaining a sleek silhouette. Her busy schedule doesn’t provide her luxury of spending her several hours in gym thus she performs a set of different exercises on different days of the week. She tries to focus on every single part of her body. Along with alternative exercise forms such as yoga, twisted lunges and kickboxing and gymming, Angelina has always been able to stun her fans with her faultless figure and sexy looks.

She once said that being in a great shape leads to complete sense of happiness. Talking about what happiness means to her, she said: “I’ve realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and i don’t trust my instincts — that’s when i get in trouble. the truth is I love being alive. And I love feeling free. I never feel settled or calm. you can’t really commit to life when you feel that.”

For following such an elaborative routine, one needs to show unparalleled dedication combined with hard work. Appreciating Jolie’s figure is certainly a great thing to do, but weight loss seekers must understand the efforts she put behind her strict fitness regimen. She leaves no stone unturned to be at the best of her health. She loves her body and works hard to keep it fit and hale and hearty. The right exercise schedule also requires right guidance from the right trainer which the Oscar-awarded winner certainly has in Gunnar Peterson.

Angelina Jolie’s Diet plan

Angelina Jolie’s profession demand her to be in shape all the time and be an inspiration for her fans across the length and breadth of the planet. This requires her to maintain a strict diet plan and appear in the pink of her healthy whenever she makes an appearance in the public. While moving further in the article, let’s read how her choice of movies affect her diet and what she does otherwise with her diet to stay healthy.

Tomb Raider: An action packed movie, it required Angelina to portray a role of an athletic woman thus she had to be in the best of her shape. While she was following a strict exercise routine to get into the required physique, she also made some modifications in her diet. They have been explained here:

  • High Protein Diet

    Angelina was on a high protein diet; this diet increases the consumption of protein-packed foods such as cottage cheese, eggs, soy milk, steak, pork, ground beef, chicken and turkey breast, tuna, sockeye salmon, corned beef, chicken and pepperoni. Only those high-protein foods were given to her which were low on calories so not to cause her gain weight. This diet is very beneficial when one wishes to cut down on their snack time; it makes a person feel full and satiates hunger for a long period of time. Thus by following this diet, Angelina was eating less and consuming more of the body-building blocks. This indicates that you lose the extra weight easily and rapidly. Moreover, high protein
  • strengthens the bones
  • encourages faster muscle repair and
  • improves blood circulation

Talking about her protein diet during the movie, Jolie was quoted saying, “They’ve got me on a program of vitamins, and teas, and protein shakes. i’m trying to have that high protein powder, low carb thing. I’m like this weird experiment. they’re all seeing what they can do to me.”

Her stunt coordinator in the movie, Simon Crane, added: “Our strategy was she has to have 70% carbohydrates, and 30% protein diet with an anaerobic training regime as opposed to aerobic, so she can put muscle on without losing weight. sticking to 4 or 5 meals a day routine as much as possible. Then, when she reaches a good body level that we like, we change it to 60%/40% favouring carbs. No junk food, no empty calories, and alcohol only on weekends.”

  • Less amount of complex carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates release sugar in your bloodstream thus can be a potential risk for weight gain when once is training hard to get an athletic body. Therefore, during the shooting ‘Tomb Raider’, Angelina Jolie kept her intake of complex carbohydrates low. She took only that certain amount which was required to replenish her energy.

  • Opting for more healthier options

    Angelina also made sure to include more fruits and vegetables in her diet. Her every meal was accompanied by nutritious green salad. For her snacks, she started eating a bowl of boiled vegetables. It kept her energetic as well as did not add many calories to her diet.

  • Increased water consumption

    Water is the solution for every weight loss problem as it is a zero calorie drink thus does not harm your fitness regimen at all. Plus it replenishes the lost salts in the body which Angelina used to lose during the high energy action sequences of the movie ‘Tomb Raider’. When involved in any activity which requires a lot of strength and energy, our body loses sugar and water at a great rate in the form of perspiration, thereby, water should be consumed in a great quantity. Also as water helps in flushing out toxicants from our body, it significantly helps in eliminating those elements that could be a hurdle in losing unwanted weight and flab.

Angelina Jolie Diet Plan- Part II

When Angelina Jolie is not busy shooting for her movies, she still prefers to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Her usual diet includes taking small meals at regular intervals. As mentioned above, she sticks to high protein intake and tries to reduce carbohydrates in her diet.

What Does Angelina Eat in a Day?

Angelina Jolie needs a protein-rich diet to maintain her sleek and slender body. Because she is usually cast into athletic roles more often. Angelina avoids processed and canned foods, only prefers food with natural ingredients; this is what her diet plan for a day looks like:


She starts her day with rich protein foods:

  • A spoon of natural coconut oil
  • Boiled or baked egg whites
  • Small bowl of fresh fruits along with nuts and cereals.

Snack before Lunch

  • A bowl of fresh fruits
  • 2 to 3 grain crackers


  • Steamed broccoli salad dressed with two tablespoons of vinegar or virgin olive oil
  • 85.05 grams of chicken for protein

Evening Snack

  • 170 grams of fresh yogurt
  • 5 to 10 soaked almonds


  • 5oz of tuna fish
  • Steamed veggies
  • Chopped fruits for dessert


Summing up her diet plan:

Here are a few pointers that you can learn from Angelina Jolie’s diet plan in order to lose weight in a healthy manner:

  • Cut carbohydrate content when trying to tone your body. However, do not completely eliminate them from your diet as they are energy-giving food items.
  • Include in your diet those foods that have high protein levels such as lentils, chicken and fish. They make your bones stronger and provides enough nutrients required for getting an athletic body.
  • Divide your entire day in 6 meals to provide enough food to your body in every 3-4 hours. Do not give a huge gap between two meals.
  • Keep alcohol and junk food for weekends or for your cheat days.
  • For great results, combine exercise with a healthy diet plan.
  • Include nuts in your diet; they are healthy for brain, skin and body toning.
  • No drink is better than water- it has multiple benefits thus should be consumed sufficiently.
  • Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day whereas keep your dinner light.
  • Your lunch should be filling and must provide you with enough energy for the rest of the day.

Does She Take Any Supplements

Angelina Jolie uses many health supplements in her diet for good digestion, immunity, and protein to increase muscle mass. These include:

  • Protein supplements: these are the major part of her daily routine to increase her muscle mass.
  • Multivitamins: to heal her post-surgery damages
  • Vitamin C: to boost immunity and for a glowing skin
  • Zinc: to reduce inflammation
  • Arnica and Bromelain: heals bruises and keeps the gut clean and healthy.


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