John Abraham Workout Routine and Diet Plan

John Abrhaham Workout Routines

More is to say and less are the words to appreciate the masculine, handsome, glorifying and one of the most renowned actors in the world of Bollywood, John Abraham. John, who is currently in his mid-thirties dons the perfect seamless physic in B-town and we would say lucky is his wife who has married such a dashing personality and we do not be right to deny that marriages are made in heaven as the duo is happily married today.

Standing tall in the Bollywood industry is hell of a task as there is one sole factor that decides your stay in the enormous industry which is the way you look and how much energy do you bring to the role that is being assigned to you. Moving to the part where the film star has to do justice to the role by beholding the essence of the role and appearing fit as in fantastic is another challenging and demanding job to accomplish. John is one film star who has incredibly positioned himself as a style icon as well the most sexiest man alive on earth, you can pardon his acting skills here because let’s face it with the body like that and a face like that no one really bothers about the acting skills.

John Abraham has been an inspirational actor in terms of his physic and his far fetched dressing styles. He has improbable grown as an actor and has encouraged many young aspirants who want to make big in the Bollywood industry. He has not even inspired young boys and men to shape up but also has exceptionally influenced girls in a way to shed the extra kilos and pair up with credibly and well maintained guys like John Abraham.

As famous John Abraham is for his well-maintained physic so his is famous gym training and diet regimes. John Abraham fitness tips essential for guys who see their career in Bollywood or looking to have muscles like him. The rigorous exercises and well behaved and directed diet charts are the ones that were able to make a remarkable John Abraham. Following it wasn’t easy for John himself as he openly went on the record to say that he had to throw away all of his favorite foods in the trash in order to recreate himself. Not only following it is difficult and challenging but maintaining a perfect stamina and keeping yourself motivated throughout the body as well as the mind is another whooping task in itself. Staying motivated and encouraged during the entire process.

Having a fairly applicable height of 6’1”, John has been blessed with a super sufficient physic and a strongly poses a slim athletic body. He holds a comparably good weight according to his height of around 175 pounds. If you are interested in creating a John Abraham out of yourself then his diet regime and his gym training is the mantra for you. Following it strictly can make you a John Abraham in your area and zone. He is trained by one of the finest trainers in the world.

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John is a strict vegetarian, so this is going to be a good news for the vegetarian guys.

John Abraham diet includes:

His diet includes 6 meals in a day. The primary foods in his diet are: Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fiber.

  1. What are the foods in proteins that John has?

Proteins are direct food and energy in the body which works prior to work out and also post work out. Milk, soya, pulses, sprout, curd and a mandatory protein supplement constitutes John’s protein intakes.

  1. What are the foods in carbohydrates that John has?

Eating carbohydrates in a right proportion is a tricky business but John carbohydrates food includes simple carbohydrates food such as Wheat, jowar, potato, bajra as well as corn grains.

  1. What are the foods in fiber that John has?

Eating right amount of fibrous food is easy and so has John included modest fibrous food like green vegetables, orange, apple, papaya, salads, musk melon and sweet lime. Easily available and rich in energy.

The above mentioned details are a brief overview of John’s diet regime.

John Abraham Workout Routine:

The below mentioned chart is divided as per days in a week:


Target: Chest and Triceps

  1. Short Warming up.
  2. Bench Press – 6 sets.
  3. Inclined Bench Press – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  4. Declined Bench Press – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  5. Free Dumbbell Fly.
  6. Short Warming up.
  7. Inclined Dumbbell Fly – 2 sets (15 reputations).
  8. Declined Dumbbell Fly – 2 sets (15 reputations).
  9. Cable Flies – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  10. Triceps push down – 4 sets (15 reputations).
  11. Dips – 3 sets (15 reputations).


Target: Back and Abs

  1. Bend over Barbell row – 4 sets (15 reputations).
  2. Pull up – 4 sets (12 reputations).
  3. Shrugs – 4 sets (12 reputations).
  4. Leg raises and Crunches – 3 sets (12 reputations).


Target: Cardio

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  1. Tread mill sprint running – 30 minutes
  2. Bicycling – 20 minutes
  3. Workout for abdominal
  4. Lunges and Crunches


Target: Legs

  1. Leg Press – 4 sets (12 reputations).
  2. Squats – 4 sets ( 20 reputations).
  3. Extensions – 4 sets (15 reputations).
  4. Leg Curl – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  5. Hack Squats – 3 sets (15 reputations).


Target: Shoulders and Biceps

  1. Overhead presses – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  2. Seated Military presses – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  3. Dumbbells Lateral – 4 sets (15 reputations).
  4. Alternate Dumbbells – 4 sets (15 reputations).
  5. Hammers – 3 sets (15 reputations).
  6. Standing barbell press – 3 sets (15 reputations).


Target: Cardio

  1. Tread mill sprint running – 30 Minutes
  2. Bicycling – 20 minutes
  3. Workout for abdominal
  4. Lunges and Crunches


Target: Rest

The golden day to give your body substantial amount of rest.

John Abraham workout in Gym

As asked in an interview from John Abraham that what keeps him going in the entire rough and difficult to achieve diet plan and exercise routine. Then he mentioned a few essential points which we have noted below as they can be highly beneficial and supportive in the entire gym and diet regime:

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  1. Discipline is the mantra

    Keeping yourself focused and disciplined in the entire routine is highly required as even a single miss out can take you too many days back of the training. Eating only diet food is not important whereas eating the right food is important. Getting in the hardest of the training form will indeed bring you results faster but it can give your body unnecessary strain and pain. Work out right and take the trainings part by part.

  1. Work on Legs more

    Legs are the most important part of our body and if they are working great then results starts pouring naturally. Working on the calf muscles is essential as you would not want those chicken legs which can be a result of excessive gym training.

  1. Body Fat

    Culminating excess body fat from your body is more important than getting those tremendous six pack abs. Getting your abs tone first is more important than achieving the six pack goal mark. Try to get off the excess of extra fat from the stomach and the waist area than reaching the desired goal mark.

  1. Don’t run after expensive diet plans

    Losing weight is important and to achieve so the amount of diet food and protein shakes shouldn’t be costing you a fortune. Lose weight appropriately and logically is more important than to fancying it and making a big deal out of it.

  1. Don’t make gym your home

    Making Gym your home will not make you a gym person. Make yourself a fit person rather than a gym person. Exercise in proportions and in good quantity is more necessary.

  1. Know your potential

    Knowing your own body stamina is important. The tight directed schedule and tedious diet plan will make you lousy and will take you more away from the gym and the fact of losing weight will make you wriggle.

  1. Technique

    Use time and technique in your gym training. Time your exercises and divide it the way your body takes it.

  1. No to steroids

    Using steroids that are available in the market which promise you elevated energy levels and instant results are entirely fake. They might disturb the hormonal levels of your body.

  1. No alcohol and smoking

    When you are on a pledge to make yourself a star and to bring yourself in desire shape, then you will have to cut down few of the luxuries like smoking and alcohol as they might torture your internal system because the body is in rigorous strain. Cut out your smoking and alcohol seriously.

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We hope these techniques and small points will keep you going and motivated. As directed by John and his gym training plans, we hope that losing weight become easier and rationalized for you. Follow the steps and it might help you get in the shape of your favorite star i.e. John Abraham. Love yourself and train yourself the way you want and the way your body takes it.

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