Irfan Pathan’s Wife – Love Story and Marriage with Model Safa Baig

Irfan Pathan’s Wife – Love Story and Marriage with Model Safa Baig

Irfan Pathan remains in the headlines again. This event not just of his bowls or different cricketing abilities though due to Irfan Pathan wife Safa Baig. It remained nothing shorter than a rhetorical battle on Twitter plus Facebook after legendary cricketer Pathan posted a picture of his woman on social media sites and portals. Some trolls described it un-Islamic to share such a photo.

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Read on to know more about Irfan Pathan wife and their love story.

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The First Chapter Of Love

While several think Safa being Irfan’s first love, the thing signifies that she signified his second attachment. Before settling for the Jeddah lady, there remained a woman from Australia who attracted Irfan Pathan. The lady signified Shivangi Dev, who was a Chartered Accountant operating in Canberra, descendant from an Indian diplomat serving at the Indian Embassy within Australia.

In the year 2003, Irfan Pathan earned his Test début under Adelaide Oval, plus it was throughout the course concerning the journey that this Indian cricket organization was summoned by this Indian Embassy concerning a complimentary dinner. It occurred somewhere throughout dinner time when Irfan and Shivangi faced each other, plus the two caught talking. It remains stated that they converted into good companions.

It was discovered that they remained clearly further than companions during 2007 when Shivangi performed an apparition as a witness for an entirety of Irfan’s Ranji trophy competition. It was next heard from the changing room insiders that Irfan remained very much sober about his involvement with Shivangi, plus so continued she.

It is assumed that their parents opposed their contact originally but beyond a point of time allowed to it. Through 2011, the pair had all intentions of getting united, because it had been approximately eight years after they had understood each other. Although Irfan was intent on accompanying his sibling Yusuf settle down first plus had even partaken in a meeting that he would only settle down after Yusuf would settle down and get married.

It is assumed that Shivangi was interested in growing into marriage as quickly as feasible but Irfan needed to help since his sibling was not wedded yet. This obviously outright harassed Shivangi, plus it is announced by late 2012, the pair stopped communicating with each other. They originally decreased the incidence of their communications and next broke up altogether.

At the beginning of the 2013 meeting, Irfan admitted his past association with Shivangi plus partook that he stands no longer seeing her. He also reckoned that he remains completely unattached, and watching for a normal girl to befall in love plus marry because he does not need to possess an organized marriage. The earlier dating pair who dated each other concerning a lengthy time unhappily parted ways. Not enough is apprehended regarding Shivangi next to that. A year following, Irfan appeared to match the beautiful Safa Baig plus the two finally chose to tie the bond.

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Irfan Pathan Marriage

Irfan Pathan acquired many sympathies including his power-packed achievements at the cricket stadium. Although this boy from Vadodara became quite bowled-over over a lady from Jeddah. The Irfan Pathan wedlock with the Jeddah-based paragon Safa Baig remained a remarkably low-key event with only resembling family members visiting the central Nikaah function.

Not indeed Irfan’s close associates from the National cricket organization were informed as to who specifically the fiancée was, plus it was just at the generous reception near Vadodara that all got to understand regarding Safa Baig, his fiancée. The Safa Baig-Irfan Pathan alliance has remained essentially a secret, and we disclose it here.

Before special Safa Baig Irfan Pathan union, not much remained identified in India regarding Safa. Safa Baig remains a Jeddah-based idol who has remained engaged under the modeling course in middle-east concerning quite a generous sum of the period. It is stated that she remains also a licensed nail-art artist plus a managing director under a PR firm.

Safa Baig has served with many popular style magazines plus is a well-known face within the Gulf. It remains related that Irfan foregathered Safa during 2014 when he held on one about his cricket trips. While it remains not identified as to when plus how the pair met, it is considered that the couple appeared to intersect paths on a public holiday or social function. In contempt of denoting 10 years junior toward the 30-something Irfan Pathan, Safa developed a solid agreement by the cricketer.

Although Safa originated up within Jeddah, her parents originally pertain to Hyderabad, India plus she remains an Indian general. After growing to understand each other greater for approximately two years, Irfan remains declared to have called Safa to Vadodara to acquaint her with his family. Irfan plus Safa’s relationship developed with time, plus the two formed a strong relationship. As time moved by, Safa plus Irfan recognized that they wanted to get it to the subsequent level, plus thus determined it was the opportunity concerning an Irfan Pathan wedlock in early 2016.

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The Low-Key Irfan Pathan Marriage Including The Grand Reception

Safa plus Irfan preferred the divine town of Mecca being the spot for their fabulous Nikaah function, which was accompanied by a banquet dinner in Jeddah. Simply house members of both parties and remarkably close colleagues were requested to the marriage, which signified a completely universal one. Media continued, of way, managed out of it, plus wedding cards were delivered out straight to the invitees.

After the usual wedding ritual at Mecca on 4th February 2016, the newly-wed pair backpacked their kits for Vadodara. It happened here that they treated a grand dinner at the beautiful Laxmi Vilas Palace. It remained actually a grand event certainly.

The wedding party was accompanied by some concerning the foremost heroes within Indian cricket, plus further by a group of stars from the Bollywood. The dinner was provided in the enormous palatial areas of the Laxmi Vilas Palace. Irfan seemed at his sparkling best, plus it was clearly the time for which he had stayed expecting for a long time.

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