Top 7 Fat to Fit Male Celebrities in Hollywood

Top 7 Fat to Fit Male Celebrities in Hollywood

Hollywood is a dream land where fantasies and aspirations are born and are nurtured by talented people who are specimens of true exceptional work. The merry land has uplifted the careers of many endowed people and inspired others to fulfill their dreams. These terrific brilliant people are able to buy their dreams and even help others buy a fortune. Celebrities have always been the trendsetters and the ones who have continually being admired by large masses. Be it whatever they do to whatever they wear and similarly whatever physic and figure they are in are constantly being noted. On the contrary they are also openly being criticized for something that doesn’t go in parallel with the thoughts and the mindset of the audience. Gaining weight is never seen as a good highlight and is massively censured by people.

Fat to fit Male Celebrities

This culture of annulment of work is global. But as said, celebrities are people born with luck and outstanding capabilities. They have the capability to make the tables turn as and whenever they want. The Hollywood actors fitness secrets excite so many people across the globe. Many celebrities have been stupendous examples of displaying drastic weight loss in Hollywood. So, if nothing is moving out of your bed to hit the gym and lose weight then we have some of the most inspiring stories that can make you feel hit the gym right away. Get the list of fat to fit Hollywood actors. Few of the male celebrities who are now the every girl’s fantasy and went from fat to fabulous are:

Russell Crowe Fat to Fit

  • Russell Crowe

    The Gladiator actor who has now legion of female fans was once in the shape of a donut. Crowe who has always been acknowledged and recognized for his fantastic abs and spectacular teeth grinding body was once heavy weight. Though he had to don the look for his commitment to few roles that he picked and which also took him to the Oscar nomination level, used to rely on cream cakes and other unhealthy food to match the asked look. Crowe who was born in New Zealand had to shed off the extra kilos for his further signed looks and Russell Crowe bodybuilding activity wasn’t easy for him to do as he admitted with his recent interview with a magazine. Walking off miles and miles per day was his best escape to pile down those excess kilos on him.

Being a celebrity is indeed a treat to him but that doesn’t make him less of a human and so he had to eliminate the luxuries out of his daily routine such as ice creams and pizzas. This is something we all can expect is really difficult and hard to do. Way to go Crowe for he has steadily shed those extra fat off him and giving a treat to the eyes of the girls.

Christian Bale

  • Christian Bale

    The Batman franchise actor perfectly slips into the batman suit and is ready to save the Gotham city for good, but Bale had his own compromises with weight during his career. Christian Bale is one actor who is highly appreciated for his weight management. Christian bale in his fitness routine had to add extra kilos on this glorious body for his much acclaimed role in American Hustle and then had to wave them off for his next appearance in Dark Night Rises. Christian bale bodybuilding is no more secrets. As asked the actor had to face a tough time loosing that extra load of weight off his body by following a strict diet plan and long hours in the gym. The actor is mostly renowned for his weight loss of 63 pounds for his role in The Mechanist. For his role in The Mechanist, he had portray a person suffering from insomnia. Insomnia leads to drastic weight loss caused due to lack of sleep. The actor followed a diet including a tuna fish, apple and few black coffees per day. Apple is famous for having high amount of pectin and sugar which is acts like appetite controller. Cardio was on top of the list for Bale as he had to speed up his weight loss for the role.

    Further he had to get in the shape for his upcoming role then in the movie Batman Begins. A really high price for a movie role which didn’t go unnoticed and Bale was highly appreciated for his role. Setting a worthy example for youth and people who want to lose weight. Hope this inspires you at good extent.

    Robert De Niro

  • Robert De Niro

    The legend in Hollywood, Robert De Niro, also had to undergo serious weight loss program for his one of the epic roles in the movie Raging Ball. In the movie he played the role of the boxer and had to look his best for the role. The star didn’t only did tons and tons of cardio but also incorporated tight diet plans to look like a dream in the movie. His gym training routines were hard and required him to follow them religiously. The role didn’t even bring him an Oscar but also plenty of appreciation. The director of the movie even recommended Robert De Niro to pursue boxing in real life too because of his dedication and persistent hard work.

    Ryan Reynolds Fat to Fit

  • Ryan Reynolds

    The handsome hunk, Ryan Reynolds, had to go on a serious weight training for his part in the movie Blade Trinity. The movie turned his career around and helped him gain more frequent roles thereafter. The part he played in the movie was of a vampire hunter and made it obligatory for him to be in 8 back abs. Reynolds worked out for straight 3 hours daily and got into the heavenly physic with his fitness routine and regime as we all know today. The movie proved to be a success and made Reynolds an overnight star. Being single at that time, lots of girls was after him but after his marriage to Blake Lively of Gossip Girl hit sitcom success broke their hearts. Still Reynolds is admired for his great physic and has remained blissfully in that shape since then. We can say Blake Lively is a lucky girl.

    Jonah Hill fat to fit

Source – Huffingtonpost

  • Jonah Hill

    The 21 jump street humorous actor looked more than a potato before he joined his fabulous costar Channing Tantum in the movie where he played the role of an undercover police officer. Jonah hill’s diet plan is simple, excluding all the delicious and fried food from his diet helped him lose considerable amount of weight and tone up for his role. As we all know, he played his part very well in the Jump Street franchise and took away loads of appreciation. At the premiers of the movie, Jonah Hill confessed that he wouldn’t have been able to get the part if he hadn’t lost weight.

    Gerard Butler Fat to Fit

  • Gerard Butler

    The ladies’ man and an eye candy to females all over the world, Gerard Butler had to also lose some of his weight and look the way he is now. Thank God for that. For his role in movie 300, Gerard had to go under grueling gym every day to get the part in the movie. To play a warrior, Gerard butler’s weight training which helped him to drop all of those extra weight away and it worked as hell as he looked stunning in his role. The blockbuster movie hired the best personal trainers from the world and create the desired star casts that actually fit well in the movie.

    Zach Galifianakis Fat to Fit Actor

  • Zach Galifianakis

    The actor famous for his role in the Hangover series where he plays a drug addict and partially abnormal suited the role perfectly. His recent release Birdman which has won Oscar for the Best film required him to be in perfect shape for the role. The actor lost nearly 50 pounds and looked his best at the premiere of the movie. The actor did not comment when asked how he lost so much weight, but nothing to complain as the actor looked his best.

Weight loss is really a difficult task and most of the all the only thing that has the capability to make the biggest difference in our lives. No one is spared from the weight gain and the weight loss theory. Some come out of it and some stay in it. But the best thing to do is to stay happy and be satisfied the way you are, be it thin be it healthy. If you are not satisfied the way you look then you have all the opportunity in the world to change it.

Food is for every one and holds a major part in defining our body structure. Eating right amount and right quantity of food will never make you look fat or unhealthy. Shortlisting the amount of healthy food might not bring many results on the list but yes if inculcated in the daily regime and diet plan can surely help develop a habit for the same. Many celebrities have gone fat to slim because it is their line and staying fit will bring them money. Getting inspired from their weight loss diet is good but following each and every move of them will do injustice to your own body. Celebrities are monitored minute by minute and every exercise of them is prescribed by the best personal trainers in the world. Considering that segment and point normal people cannot be expected to be as vigilant as celebrities are. Celebrities are paid for being slim and fat (provided the role) and mango people are paid for the work they do. Though the job is really cool but brings with itself lots of complications and price with itself. A celebrity’s life is tuff as they are always followed and trailed.

If you want to lose weight, then the initial step to it will not to be so hard on yourself and streamlining the things that you can do in order to lose a considerable amount of unwanted weight. If you have never hit the gym then don’t expect it out of yourself that the reading a major weight loss story can take you to the gym every day. This means that including small portions of exercises and also replacing few meals can help you lose some weight at the first hand. Later slowly and gradually you can increase the proportions of exercises you do and the amount of diet meals you include in your daily routine. Later during the weight loss period you can start going to the gym and practice some weight training as they will help you tone your body and remove the fat from the required zones. The amount of calories you intake can easily be shed by running on the trade mill and doing one a day cardio a day. Cardio is proved to be the best for weight loss, as it removes all the excess calories form the body.

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Similarly taking loads of fluids in the day will keep your body hydrated and will curb your hunger. This is a basic plan for anyone to lose weight. Following this regime religiously can get you into good shape more soon and help you stay in the same shape forever.

You are a celebrity of your own life, so love yourself and pamper yourself.

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