Ayurveda Ways to Increase the Height [Supplements and Diet]

Ayurveda Ways to Increase the Height [Supplements and Diet]

Childhood is a phase in which our mothers often stuff our stomach with delicacies that are not only tasty but also rich in nutrients. These nutrients accelerate our height growth and enable us to attain a perfect height. As we all know, after puberty, it is almost impossible to increase height. We often practice exercises to grow taller, eat food and try height gaining hacks for height increasing but all that doesn’t work .

By the end, we all lose hope of increasing height. Do you wish to make this impossible thing possible? Do you know Ayurvedic height increasing supplements exist and Ayurveda is famous for no side effects of these medicinal herbs? Chemical medicines might offer quick results but their side effects can further ruin your health in the future. On the other hand, ayurvedic products have no side effects.

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Recently, we have published a post on How to grow taller after puberty and now we will be highlighting ayurvedic methods to increase height after puberty.

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Ayurvedic Height Increase Supplements after Puberty –

Before we proceed with the diet plan I wanted to highlight this section as this is equally important for increasing height. Focussing just on diet won’t give you the desirable results unless you take these harmless and effective medicines.

Shilajit-You must consume it before every meal either with milk or warm water.

Ashwagandha- If you are planning to use Ashwagandha for increasing height then make sure that you consume it atleast once in a day. You can intake it with hot milk.

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Shatavari-Being a rich supplement of nutritional herbs, you must intake this medicine atleast twice a day.

Guggul- The best thing about this medicine is that it not only increase height but also decreases weight. Just mix a little bit of this powder in warm milk and drink it twice a day.

Guduchi-It comprises of all the essential herbs and leaves mixed together to ensure height gain. So, consume this powder with warm water once a day for a few months and see the change yourself.

You can read this article for more details on 10 ayurvedic supplements for increasing the height.

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Indian Diet for Increasing Height can Give you Boost:

How often do you eat junk food? I am sure most of us are fond of eating pizzas, burgers, etc over here. Did you know that the same junk food forbids your growth. Yes, this is true. So, if you want to grow taller after puberty then you must follow this diet plan.

Breakfast- Your breakfast meal must always include oats, egg white (if you are a non-vegetarian) and warm milk.

Lunch- Your lunch must comprise of baked fish or baked chicken with soybean curry and brown rice.

Evening Snacks-You can consume two or three bananas around 4 in the evening.

Dinner- Your dinner must be light and should comprise of salad, dal chapatti.

So friends, did you find this post helpful? So are you ready to try these ayurvedic remedies to increase height? Please comment your experience below after trying them.

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