Best Lasik Eye Surgery Hospitals/Institutes in USA


LASIK eye surgery is the best effective eye surgery for common vision problems or refractive error correction. It has been already done on 35 million patients world-wide and 96% of the patients have achieved satisfactory vision after the surgery.

What happens in LASIK eye surgery?

In a LASIK eye surgery, the surgeon uses a special thin cool laser beam to reshape the patient’s cornea which allows the light to pass correctly and fall exactly on the retina which helps in getting clearer vision. The procedure involves reshaping of the cornea by removal of the microscopic amount of corneal tissue to adjust the shape and size of the eyes.

Since the procedure is done on eyes; the most sensitive organ of the body and because it is reversible therefore any complications in the surgery can result in a disastrous outcome. Although there hasn’t been much cases of serious complications after the surgery but it is suggested to choose only the best of the best treatment for your eyes.

Here we have listed the names of the best LASIK eye surgery Hospitals/institutes in USA:

1.     TLC Laser Eye Centre

  • They have 20 years of experience in diagnosing and performing several corrective eye surgeries.
  • They provide a variety of options for financing. They work with the patients to put together financing packages.
  • They have performed more than 2.2 million successful procedures and are the largest provider in North America.
  • TLC Laser Eye Centres offer a lifetime guarantee and will provide refinements needed in future at no cost to the patient.
  • As they are the largest and oldest LASER vision correction centres in America, therefore they have good number of experienced and registered LASIK surgeons and other eye surgeons.
  • They use both conventional and new technology procedures for the eye treatment. However, they trust the old procedures as they are tried and tested ones.
  • TLC Laser Eye Centre is best for extremely visually impaired and the professionals.

2.     The Lasik Vision Institute

  • Lasik Vision Institute is the most recommended Lasik eye surgery institute in Atlanta.
  • It has conducted more than 1 million successful eye surgeries nationwide and among the leading providers of laser assisted refractive error correction surgeries.
  • The Lasik Vision Institute aims to keep their cost affordable so that everyone can undergo the surgeries at reasonable price rates.
  • It offers in-house financing facilities to make payments fit any budget.
  • It provides customized surgical procedures for best results.
  • The Lasik Vision Institute also offer rewards for sending friends to the same locations and for reviewing about the service. However, this may seem unprofessional to some people.

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3.     The Eye Center

  • This Eye care Institute is providing laser assisted vision correction services from last 25 years.
  • It offers a complete package of vision related services which range from maintenance care to surgical procedures.
  • The Eye Centre has two main surgeons who perform all the LASIK procedures. The patients are allowed to get to know their doctor a day prior to the surgery.
  • If in any cases refinements are required in the future, The Eye Center promises to not charge anything. They have a firm belief in their surgical experience and they also provide lifetime guarantee.
  • They provide affordable pricing by cutting off the corporate overhead and also offer in-house financing to those who need it. These two services together make the best big box prices.
  • Their service centers are only available in Virginia, so if you live outside the tri-state area, the travelling cost added and the surgery cost may seem costly to some people.
  • Although they advertise lower prices than industry standard but such discounts are only for few eligible people. So the advertisements are quite misleading.
  • They are best for professionals and extremely visually impaired patients.

4.     Eye Doctors of Washington

  • They have been recently selected for Washingtonian Top Doctors List and offer the complete range of visual services which include cataracts, eye trauma, cornea, glaucoma and more.
  • They have been serving the patients from Maryland, DC and Virginia area for more than 40 years.
  • They cover insurance of variety of eye services. The patients are also allowed to meet the doctors and discuss the various options available using the regular insurance.
  • The patients also get an option to pay with MSA which might even be tax deductible.
  • They only serve at five locations near Washington DC. The patient has to come to the capital to access their services.
  • Eye Doctors of Washington offer financing only through Wells Fargo which is problematic for some patients.
  • The centre is best for the professionals and extremely visually impaired patients.

5.     NVISION Laser Eye Centers

  • NVISION Laser Eye Centres have been providing service to the people since 1999. They are one of the most referred eye centres for providing LASIK vision correction surgeries.
  • They are situated at multiple locations from where they serve the people of west coast and Nevada areas. Therefore, it’s easy to find and is quite convenient.
  • They use some of the most commonly used technologies making the surgeons remain up-to-date with everything.
  • They have a number of vision correction options which includes the most effective LASIK eye surgery.
  • Their services are limited in the West Coast.
  • Although they provide lifetime warranty, but if their technology advances with time, they will charge the bill for the new advanced machine.
  • It is the best for the professional requiring sharp vision, adventurers and extremely visually impaired people.

6.     Laser & Microsurgery Institute

  • Laser & Microsurgery Institute has more than 15 years of experience in the sector of eye care and treatment which have helped them get international recognition for providing the best vision correction services.
  • They have one of the best Surgeons, Dr Bley who started working with laser correction prior to its approval by FDA as one of the researchers in project. His current research under FDA includes finding solution for myopia.
  • They have a record of high rate of success which makes them one of the top choices for LASIK and other laser used vision surgeries.
  • They are equipped with the state of the art lasers which are used in bladeless surgical procedures.
  • They don’t offer the in-house financing facility so patients have to face some problem with that.
  • As they provide exceptional service therefore their price tag for the services is quite higher than the other eye care institutes.
  •  Laser & Microsurgery Institute is most suitable for extremely visually impaired patients and professionals.

7.     Laser Eye Center

  • Laser Eye Centre has 5 specialised surgeons who have performed more than 200,000 procedures. These surgeons are some of the most experienced doctors in the eye care industries.
  • They use variety of lasers which include Allegretto Wavelight, Intralas,Wavefront and more. There are lots of other options for people on budget.
  • In addition to finding financing, they also offer interest free loans to those who qualify for it.
  • They are situated in California only.
  •  This Institute is best for professional, adventurer and extremely visually impaired.

8.     LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center

  • LaserVue LASIK and Cataract Center has a surgical team who have more than 30 years of experience. They have a number of satisfied customers.
  • Their goal is to serve every patient on time without any hassle.
  • Only one surgeon will do the tests and surgery. Dr Bansal performs all the LASIK procedures at LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center, personally.
  • Their prices match with any other local provider.
  • They have a centre only in San Francisco, so people living outside may have problem.
  • The institute is best for the professionals and extremely visually impaired patients.

9.     QualSight LASIK

  • QualSight LASIK has performed more than 4 million procedures collectively.
  • They are the most preferred provider by insurance companies, Fortune 500 employers and have a number of health plans.
  • They provide discounted price rates for the procedures making them affordable for more patients.
  • They offer free consultation to determine eligibility of the patients and probable outcome from the surgery.
  • They only offer 1 year free follow-up instead of a lifetime guarantee unlike other centres which is a negative point for the institute.
  • The institute is suitable for adventurers and sun lovers.

10.Lasik Plus

  • LasikPlus holds the record of performing more than 1.3 million microsurgical procedures.
  • It is among the leading providers of high quality LASIK surgery in the nation.
  • They are famed for providing convenient settings and hassle free visits to determine eligibility for the surgery.
  • The doctors at LasikPlus are certified nationwide. They all have received extra training to ensure they meet the standards.
  • They offer a year follow-up visit plan and lifetime enhancement procedures as necessary.
  • They don’t offer discount rates.
  • LasikPlus is best for adventurer and Sun Lovers.

Conclusion: Above listed Eye Institute are the leading names in the US nation for providing the best LASIK surgery. However, for more details, you may go through the reviews of various customers on the website or ask your ophthalmologist for the best preferred eye centre for LASIK treatment. Don’t fall for the eye centres who claim to provide very cheap surgical procedures. Just choose only the best lasik eye surgery centres for your eye treatment.