Aishwarya and Dhanush Marriage and their Love Story

Aishwarya and Dhanush Marriage and their Love Story

How many times have you plugged the earphone to sing the number “ why this Kolaveri di”. Hope you have hummed the song many times. Well, then all have to accredit the songwriter, actor, lyricist Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja. Those who know him should be aware of his stage name as Dhanush. So today, the topic is all about Dhanush, his marriage, and love story so stay tuned to know about the talented hunk.

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About his personal life:

Dhanush was born in the year 1983 to illustrious Tamil director and producer Kasthuri Raja. He was reluctant to enter the film industry but it was his brother, who compelled him to project his talent.

His journey as an actor:

He first debuted in the film Thulluvadho Illamai under the direction of his father Kasthuri Raja, the movie was actually a super hit which made him bag good response from critics and viewers. Later he kept on signing movies. As he subsequently went on doing movies definitely he witnessed both hit and flop.

But one song which was directed by his beloved wife Aishwarya Rajnikanth actually made the number of the year in 2012 and that was the song Why is the Kolaveri di. Besides doing films in the South he debuted in Bollywood with the movie Raanjhana pairing opposite Sonam Kapoor. Later he also did well in another Bollywood movie Shamitabh. Thus it did end here as he is anxious about an acting career and wants to entertain people more graciously.

His love life:

It was the time when Dhanush has already raised his success flag in Bollywood, he thought he somehow wants to tie the knot prior to 23, at the age of sixteen only. Well in the midst of all these plannings, media started to link him up with Aishwarya r Dhanush, the daughter of the influential South actor Rajnikanth. Actually, she was the friend of Dhanush’s sister, so all kinds of assumptions went on that Aishwarya was having a secret affair with Dhanush.

However, Dhanush said on air that he was not having any such and she is only the friend of his sister. But on the other hand, the media took that to a different level and was unready to give a nod to his words.

Enjoying arranged love:

Although he stated that there was nothing between the two, the two prominent families in South Rajnikanth and Raja in the meantime decided to arrange the marriage of their children. As they have considered that they are an ideal match for each other. With the concern of both the families, a meeting was fixed between Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajnikanth. In fact, the families thought to give them a chance to decide a future together.

Aishwarya n Soundarya with Rajnikanth in Young age

A glimpse of Aishwarya Rajnikanth:

Aishwarya Rajnikanth was an efficient corporate lawyer and she took her degree from the celebrated Ashram school of Law. Besides that Aishwarya Dhanush dance professionally and is also a distinguished vocalist as well. Despite her bright professional career, Aishwarya was very humble by nature and have a down-to-earth mentality.

And this quality of her somehow impressed the actor. To be precise he just went crazy about her soft attitude. Definitely the winding up of the meeting concluded on a positive note as both of them realized as they are just made for each other.

Traditionally tying the knot:

In 2004, Aishwarya Rajnikanth got, traditionally married to Dhanush and soon after the marriage, she came to be known as Aishwarya Dhanush. The marriage reception took place at the house of the popular south actor Rajnikanth everything was arranged maintaining the traditional decorum.

It was a celebrated event as stars from the South joined them to witness the epic wedding of the two. Now many thought that why did Aishwarya marry Dhanush? This is because there was an age difference of 2 years between the two and Aishwarya was two years elder to him. Altogether, hundreds of guests attended the lavish function. Many floral decorations have been done which accentuated the glamour of the reception.

aishwarya dhanush dance

Post marriage;

They are happily married couples with two children Yatra who was born in 2006 and Linga who came to this earth in 2010.

Thus, these were the overview of their love story and both Bollywood and Tollywood really praise their loyalty to each other. And the audience too wishes them a happy married life forever.

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