Anjali Pichai and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Filmy Love Story

Anjali Pichai and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Filmy Love Story

The most trusted search engine that has been serving users for more than two decades has surely made a permanent place in the heart of the users. And its success always lies behind the qualified stalwarts that made Google a successful biggest company so far. Coming to that, our focus is on Sundar Pichai, the present CEO of Google. In fact, he is one of the precious gems holding a significant hierarchical position in the IT domain. But besides being a robust IT professional his personal life is too warming and charming at the same time. Thus, read further to get some close-ups on his personal and love life.

Sundar Pichai early age

Glimpse on his personal life:

His father Mr. Raghunath Pichai is an electrical engineer and his mother Lakshmi Pichai was a stenographer. The IT doyen leads a very low – figure life. Back then in the seventies and eighties, he used to live in a small apartment in Chennai. He did not win a car also.

Sundar Pichai career graph
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His career graph to date:

Being a meritorious student he bagged a position as a B Tech student in the IIT Kharagpur. But his academic journey was long and profound because he later on obtained the MS degree from Stanford University. On top of that, he is an accomplished MBA from the Wharton School.

sunder pichai love and family life
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Love journey of Sundar Pichai:

Veterans always say that there is always a woman behind a successful man so does go with the steadfast IT professional Sundar Pichai. Recently he has unfolded his love story with Anjali Pichai his beloved wife. In order to comprehend their story one has to get back to the time machine in his college days.

Back then during his college days, he was actually in the department of Metallurgical engineering and he met his classmate Anjali Pichai who was also in the same department. Primarily they were just like normal friends. Later as days passed on both started to enjoy each other’s company too much. Gradually their growing friendship made them realized that both have some kind of feelings for each other. As they progressed to the last year of the engineering he decided to propose her. And she accepted in no time. Now, this embarked the beginning of Anjali Pichai and Sundar Pichai love story.

In fact, the professional added it was really a dilemma to contact her during those days as mobile phones did not make an entry. To ease his trouble he used to get to her hostel gate and would have to request someone to call her. He exuberantly added that it was a lovely experience.

sunder pichai present life

Continuing love from a distance:

As per the IT leader Sundar Pichai, his love journey was not a cakewalk. As he had to struggle a lot to get the pie this is because after accomplishing his college degree he had to shift to the USA for his further studies. And this created a geographical distance between the love birds because Anjali was in India at that time. In fact, both of them was not in talking terms for six months at a stretch. But despite all these relationships never took a rough patch as it remained the same all throughout. Later she also traveled to the USA and both of them decided to conduct the nuptial ceremony after Sundar Pichai got a secured job in a semiconductor company.

sundar pichai love life

His lady love is lucky :

As per talks, Anjali Pichai husband has always considered her the lucky coin of his life. It is because she always guided her husband to take the proper decision in his life. It is always said that initially Microsoft and Twitter offered him the post of CEO but she advised him to remain at Gooogle. And luck turned towards him and today he is the CEO of one of the prosperous and influential companies in the whole world.

Happily married ever after:

As a prudent lover, Sundar Pichai asked for her parent’s permission to marry her. All agreed soon and today Anjali Pichai is a wife of Sundar Pichai. Once married they started to stay at Los Altos Hill in the USA. Moreover, Anjali Pichai husband Sundar Pichai always loved to keep a low stature despite being so affluent and successful. Today they have two children one daughter Kiran and Son Kavya.

Thus, this wraps up the filmy love story of the coherent IT professional Sundar Pichai and his gorgeous wife Anjali Pichai.

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