Arijit Singh controversial life and divorce

The rendition of the song Tum hi ho from Aashiqui 2 has honestly created a spur among every Indian music lover. It is a true amalgamation of a singer and composer that made the Indians fall in love over and over again. When you talk about the singer it’s obviously the melodious voice of Arijit Singh that stole the heart of every single music admirer. On that note, today will give some tidbits regarding his personal life, controversies, and divorce.

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Arijit Singh Life

Glimpse on Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is a shining star of Bollywood industry getting back to the ancestral root he was born to a Bengali mother and a Punjabi singer. He is a trained vocalist and his training started at the tender age of three only. Later he earned a degree from a reputed college under Kalyani University West Bengal. His dire interest in music made him earn special training in Bengali classical music and Rabindra Sangeet. He was trained under the special leadership of the Hazari brothers.

Arijit Singh Bollywood Break

His journey as a singer:

At the age of 18, Arijit Singh became a part of the popular singing reality shows Fame Gurukul in 2005. Although he stunned the audience with his mesmerizing, voice but has to face elimination at the sixth number.

His break in Bollywood:

Arijit Singh got the first break in Bollywood with the song “ Yun Shabnami “ from the song Saawariya. Later he again participated in a music show called 10 ke 10 le Gaye Dil. And he was the winner of that show. Then he owned his own music studio at Mumbai with the money he got from the show as a prize.

His interest:

Arijit Singh

Besides singing Arijit Singh shares interest in writing, playing badminton, watching movies, etc. But he is an ardent music lover of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. The most interesting is that Arijit Singh even aspires to sing with Nora Jones someday. At the same time, he also expresses his love for ghazal and classical numbers.

He also added that he wants to disseminate autonomous music in India. As he thinks that there is a dearth of the platform for autonomous music. And the influence of the Bollywood industry outranks the plethora of autonomous music.

Arijit Singh photo with first wife Ruprekha Banerjee

His controversial first marriage

Regarding his marriage, Arijit Singh first wife from Fame Gurukul and she was the renowned voice Ruprekha Banerjee. In fact, they got married in the year 2013. But unfortunately, Arijit sing first marriage did not last long and in the same year only. In fact, the divorce from Arijit Singh first wife was also too horrible as well.

Arijit Singh 2nd Wedding with Koel Roy

His second marriage:

Not a single star who has attained the glory of stardom can actually escape the media glare. Exactly that what happened with the super singer Arijit Sing. The day when Arijit’s marriage photo was published on-air, media just gave a jaw-dropping gesture to his photo. In fact, until the media was also unknown to the story of first marriage as well. Eventually, the first marriage story unfolded. Now coming to his marriage photo, it was his second marriage with his longtime childhood love Koel Roy who came to be known as the second wife of Arijit Singh.

The venue of the marriage:

Actually, the marriage took place in West Bengal at Tarapith, it was simply organized at a temple. It took place in the year 2014 on 21st January. The listed invitees were those from the close family members. But there were some intimate buddies from the music industry as well. Especially Pritam was there as he had played a strong support system to help him to establish his foot in the Bollywood industry. The wedding took place following the traditional Bengali ritual.

About Koel Roy:

Koel Roy was the childhood friend of Arijit Singh whom he anticipated to marry but somehow destiny had some other plan. But again fate made the lovebirds to cherish their dream into reality. In the meantime, Koel was a divorcee with a daughter from her first marriage. In fact, Arijit sing wife is much satiated to have a husband like him.

Arijit Singh Children

Children of the couple:

The couple actually has three children one daughter and two sons.

Thus, there was the life story of Arijit Singh, his marriages and his music stardom.

Images Source – #ArijitSingh Instagram

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