Saumya Tandon’s Weight Loss Transformation Post Marriage

Saumya Tandon’s Weight Loss Transformation Post Marriage

Embracing motherhood is great but it comes with its own share of issues as well. weight gain is one of such major issues. Of course, it is nothing compared to the joy and happiness which you get from the newborn. But still, weight is a major con which cannot be ignored.

And when you are in a showbiz business then weight gain becomes a real challenge. A top TV actor likes Saumya Tandon who has gained immense popularity by her role in Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai. Saumya has given birth to her son Miraan 3 years after her marriage and the lady has been quite excited about her motherhood journey.

had shed way too after becoming a mother.

But the lady has been a great source of inspiration all this while. She has motivated other mommies by showing her maternity fashion and then uploading fitness videos and encouraging moms to breastfeed even after joining work. In April 2019, she uploaded on Instagram that she has lost 9 kg. Do you want to know which recent actresses become a mommy in real life?

That was the time when the lady spoke about her weight loss journey and the backaches that come with breastfeeding.

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“My mid-back was hurting a lot as breastfeeding 10 to 12 times a day was quite exhausting. Sitting with the baby for half an hour every time to feed him, gave me backaches and neck aches too. I am taking baby steps with my exercise regimen. I feel I am not back in the shape I would like to be in. Yet, I feel, I have come a long way post-delivery. I am getting there. I have been consistent with my workouts rather than doing too much right now. I would recommend exercise to every woman post-delivery, and not just celebrities.”

She did a lot of exercises to strengthen her back and core muscles. The lady says about the same

“I am not advocating the aesthetics as much as I am advocating the real benefits of exercising. You should develop and strengthen your back and core muscles because you need that while holding your baby. I started with Pilates, as it is the best form to develop core strength. I am also doing aerial yoga for stretches, my aches and pains. It is also helping me with balancing and posture. I am working on my shoulder and arm strength.”

Her latest pictures are just wow in which it seems that she has achieved her pre-pregnancy weight or maybe she is very close to the same. She looks much leaner and fitter than before.

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