Meet India’s First Bodybuilding Couple

Meet India’s First Bodybuilding Couple

Borun and Mamta Devi Yumnam are a married couple in Delhi and they are taking the bodybuilding world by storm. Can you imagine the couple has jointly won more than 28 awards between themselves?

Borun who is aged 39 has been in this field for over 20 years. Whereas Mamta Devi after marriage and having kids started bodybuilding since the year 2012.

Borun was always interested in bodybuilding and he took this field right from the very beginning. Borun recalls “I was about 16 when I competed for the first time and became a champion in the Sub-Junior category for Mr. Manipur. That’s how my journey started.

“I kept going till 2016 I won 16-17 of Nationals and 3 times Mr. Asia.”

He met his wife Mamta during one of the events where he was the guest bodybuilder and Mamta was one of the models. This was love at first sight and very soon both of them got married.

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Post marriage Mamta was busy in her home, raising kids and taking care of the house. But she was always interested in fitness and thus she was regular in the gym with her husband. Soon she was interested in having a six-pack like her husband and that’s when everything started.

Meet India’s First Bodybuilding Couple
Meet India’s First Bodybuilding Couple

Mamta says “From a very young age, I would always want to do things that nobody had ever done. But I had never thought of bodybuilding, especially because in India, it is not meant for women”. She further adds “In the beginning, I would think how would I get on the stage wearing these costumes in front of so many people! And because I had to train and travel for the competitions, I felt bad because I couldn’t spend my whole day with the children anymore.

“Over the years, my face has also changed and people in the family would point that out. But all that doesn’t matter now.”

Borun is proud of his wife “Mamota did this all by the power of her own will. Her first appearance, she came third place, bronze medal. So step by step, she started her career like that and now she has won around six medals, more than me at international level. We are the only Indian couple to have won awards in the International arena. And I am very proud of her.”

The couple is a great source of inspiration for all the other bodybuilders of our country. Bodybuilding which is still an ignored and not respected profession should be seen in a fresh angle and when it comes to female bodybuilders like Mamota, then they should be equally seen in high regard.

Bodybuilding is a lucrative opportunity outside India and many people overseas also view India having great potential when it comes to bodybuilding.

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