List of Top Lasik Eye Surgeons in US

List of Top Lasik Eye Surgeons in US

There are many quality Lasik surgeons for you to look at when finding someone who can help you with correcting your vision. You should look at a few different doctors who have been rated as being among the best in the country with many great Lasik eye surgery reviews to back it all up

top lasik eye surgeons in USA

Each of these doctors come from different parts of the country, but they are all alike in that they offer only the best services and have been recommended by more people around the country than many other doctors in this field.

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Gregory J. Pamel, M.D. – New York

Gregory J. Pamel, M.D, is a certified ophthalmologist with fellowships in cornea and external conditions and refractive surgery with over 20 plus years of clinical experience. He performed an average of 20,000 LASIK, PRK, corneal transplants, cataract, and lens implant surgery procedures. In addition, he’s a philanthropist and has been presented with awards for educating others about refractive surgery.

Dr. Roy Chuck, M.D. – New York City

While many doctors concentrate on their profession, Dr. Roy Chuck had second thoughts and started to educate students by being a professor at Albert Einsteins College of Medicine. He is an ophthalmologist and geneticist best known for stem cells and research on corneal restoration. He is a specialist in laser techniques holding two patents on it. He is one of the best surgeons in the U.S. right now.

Dr. Marguerite McDonald M.D. – Long Island NY

Marguerite McDonald is a former eye surgeon in the U.S. who started her clinical practice in 1987; she was the one to first perform the laser treatment. In 1993, she was the one to use lasers to treat hyperopia. She was the first female president of both the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the International Society of Refractive Surgery. After a long practice, she now works at Oceanside, New York.

Dr. Robert Smith, M.D. – Dallas / Plano

Dr. Robert Smith is the medical director and chief surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is one of the top 1% of unremarkable Lasik surgery surgeons in the U.S. He performed over 40,000 Lasik surgeries within his 20 years of service. He holds patents for LASIK wave technology and many more.

Dr. Jon Dishler – Denver

Dishler has known for his invention of the Dishler Excimer Laser. He also worked as a higher investigator in the FDA for the Lasik report systems. In addition, he is qualified as a trusted Lasik surgeon in the U.S. for his clean patient care and success percentage.

Dr. Jeffrey Robin – Fort Myers

Robin was the first to perform vision correction surgery in the state of Illinois. He is an ophthalmology professor at the Central Florida College of Medicine. He performed about 57,000 LASIK and vision correction surgeries over 22 years and is a certified conductive keratoplasty surgeon.

eric mandel top lasik surgeon usa

Eric Mandel – New York

Eric Mandel has been considered to offer the right services for the best Lasik eye surgery NYC thanks to his extensive experience that goes back by nearly thirty years. He operates out of New York as a talented doctor that uses the IntraLase method and StarS4 laser system to help with sculpting the corneal tissue. This works with a light setup that is not too hard to utilize. He also works with PRK to help people with shaping their eyes even when a corneal flap is not to be utilized in the treatment process. Lasik eye surgery cost is vary state wise, it is recommended to see cheap to high lasik eye surgery cost.

joseph dell russo top lasik surgeon usa

Joseph Dello Russo – New York

Another popular figure in New York, Joseph Dello Russo has support for Lasik and PRK treatments alike. He has completed more than 160,000 procedures throughout his career. His offers also offers full financing services to help people with affording their procedures. The team concentrates on offering a carefully organized environment that is comfortable and easy for a patient to enjoy being in.

coleman kraff top lasik surgeon usa

Coleman Kraff – Chicago

Coleman Kraff operates the Kraff Eye Institute in Chicago. His team is heralded as being one of the best in the country thanks to the strong materials used by the institute. Kraff works with the latest lasers while always working with intensive yet comforting and caring exams to see how well individual patients are to be treated. A popular part of Kraff’s work is that the laser materials he uses help to fix a patient’s eyes in only about ten minutes on average. This is thanks to the advanced technology and to specific details he finds during an exam to review a patient’s eyes.

adina gould top lasik surgeon usa

Adina Gould – Miami

Adina Gould has become a popular figure in the Lasik surgery field thanks to her strict attention to detail. Her Miami Beach firm works with not only Lasik treatments but also ALK, AK, PRK and PTK traetments. Thousands of people head to her office every year in Miami to get help with their eye surgery demands.

anthony chapman top lasik surgeon usa

Anthony Chapman – Dallas

People often give the best Lasik eye surgery reviews to those who have expressed comfort during their procedures and support from talented professionals who understand their requirements. The work of Anthony Chapman in Dallas is important to look at. Chapman focuses extensively on helping people to identify their needs for surgery and how well such a procedure can work for their requirements. Chapman is always extensive and detailed when talking with his patients about how they can benefit from a process.

paul c lee top lasik surgeon usa

Paul C. Lee – Los Angeles

With hundreds of five-star reviews on Yelp, Paul C. Lee has made his name as one of the best Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles to check out. The work that Lee offers will help with answering anyone’s questions about how a surgical procedure is to work. His is a top-rated ICL surgeon works with the SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction procedure. This is a new practice similar to Lasik that works effectively and uses a smaller cut to shape the lens. This is a popular feature of Lee’s office, but it is not something that every patient can qualify for.

michael gorge top lasik surgeon usa

Michael George – Dallas

Another of the best Lasik surgeons in the country, Michael George is a prominent expert who has worked with services for many professional athletes. His Dallas office is popular for having one of the fastest Lasik surgery machines in the country. The machine moves well over the eyes and controls the cornea and reshapes it without being hard to utilize. He also specializes in 3D Lasik treatments that use a more intensive analysis process for getting accurate results on a Lasik treatment while potentially reducing the overall recovery time that a patient might go through after the process is done.

Grady M. Hughes lasik eyes surgeon

Grady Hughes – Seattle

Great doctors around the country are people who are always available when one has questions. Grady Hughes has become one of Seattle’s most popular Lasik surgeons thanks to how he has a kind demeanor and helps people review their needs on a one-by-one basis. Hughes is popular for working for people with all forms of myopia to ensure you can get the treatment that you require no matter what your eyes might be like. The support setup that Hughes offers for treatment needs can work well for all the requirements patients might have.

stephen l glasser top lasik surgeon usa

Stephen L. Glasser – Washington DC

The last of the best surgeons to look for in the United States is Stephen L. Glasser of Washington DC. His services for patients are valuable with regards to offering full solutions for patients with various needs. He works with patients who might be situated in front of computer screens in particular and analyzes their needs and eye conditions to see what laser treatments are right for them. This newer approach to handling eye surgery procedures help patients with getting more out of a treatment and with having the right service to work with no matter what one’s eyes might be like.

A Final Word

All of these are good choices to see when looking for the best Lasik eye surgeon in USA that you can benefit from. You can always perform a full and more detailed best Lasik surgeons near me review online to see which particular surgeons are available for your use in your local area as well. But no matter who you contact for help, you will find that it is easy to get someone who can assist you with taking care of all your vision requirements to give you a lifetime of seeing great.

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