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Celebrities Who Have Had LASIK


The wonderland and fairyland popularly known as Hollywood and Bollywood demands to look astonishingly personified and picturesque. So there are two worlds running parallel to each other on earth where one constitutes the normal and mango life of commoners and people who work 9 to 5 so that they are able to afford their bills whereas the other world id the world of television and the land where fantasies take birth.

Perfection seeks for a cost and time as well as sacrifices. Celebrities has to pay the price of being perfect and substantial. Plastic surgeries are not the only treatments which keep celebrities on foot. Their consecutive busy schedules of constant shoots and the need to incur themselves in the role according to the need of the script and movie makes them vulnerable to external and internal damages. LASIK is also one of the most common eye surgeries celebrities and people undergo to get their vision simplified and accurate.

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Celebrities who took LASIK eye surgery

Before Laser technology came into practices, people had to go for permanent spectacles and contact lenses. As technology made advancements laser technology was brought into practice and was used for many other purposes. Many celebrities started wearing spectacles and donned contact lenses but the progression of LASIK made it easier for them to have their vision alerted and depart their contact lenses and spectacles out in the ocean. Though LASIK is not the only answer to vision perfections, it does come along with certain set of negative outcomes and failed results.

Some of the celebrities that had their visions reformed by the LASIK surgery and took their own chances with the designated close to the mighty surgery are:

  1. Kathy Griffin

    Kathy Griffin Lasik Eye Surgery
    The well-known comic star in Hollywood took LASIK surgery earlier in the year of 2003. With LASIK being only introduced by that time, it was quiet expected that all the celebrities would crawl out to the clinics to get their visions sharpened. But the surgery of this comic star became the curious case of Kathy Griffin. With the purpose of tutoring the masses and influence people for LASIK surgery, she openly published that she had had 5 surgeries cracked in her right eye out of which three of them were aimed as LASIK surgeries. The failure of LASIK surgeries on her right eye directed her to get 17 switches which stayed in her right eye for good 3 weeks. OUUCH! Later on when the stiches were removed from her right eye, she claimed that the vision was nowhere close to corrected and in turn made the vision blurry a permanent ordeal. We are in all sympathies for Kathy as she nearly lost her vision in the right eye.

  1. Adam Clayton

    Adam Clayton

    The most renowned member of the band U2 also went through the LASIK surgery. After his successful LASIK surgery, he almost got his vision corrected in the day time but got his vision disrupted in the night time. This refrained him from driving at night, claimed the singer after his LASIK surgery. Well this is quite a plot to quote. You get the vision perfected in the day time with the cost of vision lost in the night time.

  1. Kim Kardashian

    kim kardarshian without makeup photos

    The reality TV star and a socialite now, Kim Kardashian took the LASIK surgery. Well how we got this information, we guess it’s loud in clear. In her one of the episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, she professed that she has gone through an intensive LASIK surgery to have her vision back. Her experience with LASIK is heavenly as she said she was able to walk down the aisle in her marriage to Kanye West without wearing any glasses and gave whole of the credit to the LASIK surgeries.

  1. Cindy Crawford

    Cindy Crawford

    The famous supermodel turned actor and also a business women, Cindy Crawford opted for LASIK surgeries after her struggle with her glasses and her constant dependency on glasses to watch television and to drive efficaciously. She took the LASIK surgery and was elated more than anything after her painless surgery. She is now a happy person as stated that she no longer have to search out for her glasses in the middle of the night to watch her favorite television show. Hats off to the mighty LASIK surgery as it worked effectively for her. But we love to admit that she looks astonishingly smart and classic in glasses as well.

  1. Courteney Cox

    Courtney Cox Lasik Eye

    The former friends star went through the exhaustive LASIK surgery in the year 1999 i.e. when FRIENDS was about to end and she had few good roles in her kitty. The LASIK surgery was successful and painless, claimed the star.

  1. Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman Lasik Eye

    Nicole Kidman, the most priciest and the most highly followed celebrity in Hollywood who has done almost all kinds of movies, in an interview said that she used to walk almost blind when she came on the red carpet for the premiere of her movies. After suffering blurry vision for a really very long time, she opted to go for a LASIK surgery. Her post surgery experience is positive as she has a 20/20 vision and now happily waves back to people who waves at her in appreciation. Her experience was painless and side effect free. Well we all die for her attention and lucky is the person who got her eyes stick on him/her.

  1. Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid
    The highly anticipated Television series Cold Creek Manor star Dennis Quaid frightfully went under the LASIK surgery after his consistent failure to read the restaurant menu and TV scripts without his burdened glasses. His consistent efforts of staying away from the LASIK surgery practically magnetized him towards him as his problems elevated more than usual. After his extensive research on the LASIK surgery and collecting positive feedbacks from his costars and other fellow actor friends, the actor had the LASIK surgery and came out with more than a clear vision. He through his glasses far and far away from himself after the surgery reported as by the actor.

  1. Michael Bolton

    Michael Bolton

    The famous musician Michael Bolton had the most happening and humorous LASIK surgery as he was confused after the surgery that the colors looked more brighter and clearer post his surgery. He was delightful and crazily happy after the successful LASIK surgery attempted on him. After his surgery he motivated and tutored as many people as he could to go for a LASIK surgery.

  1. Elton John

    elton john drug addiction
    The musician who is admired by millions and millions of people and whose music is heavenly also was in tremendous trouble with his insufficient vision. But the star went through the LASIK surgery and now wears his trademarked glasses just for fun. He took the surgery in 2003, the year in which many other celebrities also were going through the LASIK surgery. Elton John now wears his regular glasses because that’s how people love him.

  1. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie Workout Routine and Diet Plan

    The Tomb Raider actress had undergone the LASIK surgery in the earlier days of her career. Angelina is well one actor who has been famous for her decisions to undergo surgeries and has been praised a lot on her bold decisions to go through the knife multiple times. LASIK indeed changed her life as she was able to do more and more stunt based movies.

  1. Shahrukh Khan

    shahrukh khan celebrities with health issues

    The king khan of Bollywood has been a permanent resident for surgeries and recently was reported to have undergone a LASIK surgery. It is rumored that the actor has gone through the surgery for his movie Ra.one. Well the movie wasn’t that successful in gathering praise but yes, Shahrukh did get his eyes done and was praised for his decision.

  1. Raima Sen

    Raima Sen Lasik Eye

    She might not be that famous for her movies, but she indeed managed to get into the news for her brave decision to undergo the LASIK surgery. She took the surgery in the starting years of her career in order to grab more roles. But it’s the acting that counts little more than the appearance.

  1. Resse Wintherpon

    Resse Wintherpon Lasik

    Hollywood’s most famed actress and now a proud mother who is enjoying her film career as well as her motherhood. Resee went through the ultimate LASIK surgery decade ago and openly admitted her surgery. She landed more roles than usual and now is counted among the highly qualified actors in Hollywood. At the age at which she is, she is an inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

Consult a good doctor and a good clinic which has good history in performing LASIK surgery and then go under the treatment. Though there have been no severe side effects of the LASIK operation, but you need to be careful about it. Look out for best clinics and best doctors in the line.