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How Your Diet Plan May Impact Your Muscle Growth

The goal of every bodybuilder and weightlifter is to develop a solid muscle mass. If you’re looking for ways on how you can improve your muscle growth, you might start looking into the bigger picture and consider having a great diet plan.  When you proceed with having a diet plan,...
winter hair nourishing tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Nourished Over the Winter

Your hair can take a beating over a long winter. With the freezing temperatures lounging in dry furnace air, your hair can get dried out and brittle during the snowy season. One of the most important aspects of winter hair care is maintaining moisture and protecting delicate strands. Whether...
Anxiety Disorder Treat Naturally

4 Strategies To Help Treat Your Anxiety

People who have a problem with stress or anxiety may experience their body reacting to real danger even if there’s only perceived or no danger at all. However, anxiety isn't something that your body will be actively aware of as it's a reaction to the outside world. In other words,...
CBD wellness health benefits

Don’t Forget These Other Helpful Compounds in Cannabis

There is so much hype around THC and CBD — their health benefits and their use as treatments for certain medical conditions — that many people are forgetting that cannabis contains another incredibly useful class of compounds: terpenes. What Terpenes Are Terpenes are a class of organic compounds that most commonly...
contact lens guide - which one to choose

Why Switching to Contact Lenses Could Be the Best Decision of Your Life?

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses and the technology has advanced considerably in recent years to offer users a much broader range of lenses to pick from. Whether you opt for daily disposables, bi-weekly or monthly reusable lenses, there are plenty of options that can make them...

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Sunaina Roshan and her Health Battles

Sunanina Roshan is a known name in the industry. And why not? The lady is the sister of superstar Hrithik Roshan. In spite of...

Celebrities Who Had Babies Using IVF & Surrogacy

While celebrities who had babies through IVF in the West have always been open about their choice of going for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), it...

List of Famous Indian Celebrities Died in 2017-2019 (UPDATED)

The year 2017 from until now has given us a lot of hits at the box office. Amidst the fun and happiness, many stars...

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