Johnny Depp’s Popular Hairstyles

Johnny Depp’s Popular Hairstyles

Johnny Depp undoubtedly has most iconic hairstyles that everyone would like to follow. Be it Johnny Depp hairstyles in 2022 or his long hair during 90’s, his style is as famous as his acting talent. Even in his 50’s his style is a trend setter for teens and youth.

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Johnny Depp Latest Hairstyles 2022

  • Ponytail

Johnny Depp was always a fan of long hairstyles and left his mark on every style he ever mastered. So does this low ponytail, too; this looks more like an updated version of his old choco ponytail back from 2003.

Low ponytail with butterscotch highlights does give a masculine look.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Series

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate” some come as hairstyles too!!!! Long dreadlocks with little faded highlights gave this look of Johnny Depp as jack sparrow a clean natural look. Styled with some rusty silver-toned loc beads.

  • Chocolat

OMG! Was this really back in the 2000s??? Looks like this man does not age. As Roux, a guitarist, johnny was seen in a bohemian hairstyle which was just stunning.

Loosely braided light brown hair with few free fringes.

  • The Tourist hairstyle

Depp’s tourist hairstyle with a seamless middle partition and long messy waves. We appreciate the dye job here, and the messiness was always there. Those are perfectly made for an easy-going look with a cool manly spark.

  • Tousled Reddish-Brown Hair

This is a look from his new untitled movie where he plays as non-famous French king Louis XV. Side fade with long locks arranged irregularly with some free strands floating onto the face region. This totally looks badass and vintage.

Latest Johnny Depp hairstyle in 2019:

Johnny Depp in in brown suit showing his hand painting - Johnny Depp hairstyle

Johnyn Depp at Disney

Image courtesy:

As Johnny Depp is preparing to be in movies like libertine, The invisible Man and others he has not stopped mesmerizing his followers with new looks and hairstyles.

Johnny Depp in black t-shirt posing for camera - Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Image courtesy :-

Johnny Depp hairstyle of 2017

Johnny Depp in blue suit with white shirt posing for camera - Johnny Depp hairstyle

Johnny Depp new hairstyle in 2017 was quite adored by one and all. He looked fabulous with his hairs mostly lying towards one side of his head while some strands are on his face.

Johnny Depp in black suit with white shirt and thin moustache posing for camera - Johnny Depp hairstyles

Johny Depp in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (2017)

Image courtesy:- IMDb

His surprise new hairstyle much loved and followed by his fans.

Johnny Debb’s long hairs in 90’s

Johnny Depp earned quite a fame in 90’s and his long hairs were one of the most liked hairstyle. John Depp long hairs in 90’s was seen in his most famous movie the Pirates of Caribean. With his long hairs he was also seen in Edward Scissorhands, Deadman, Crybaby etc. It can be said that his long hairs at that time represented Hollywood burgeoning grunge culture.

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Johnny Depp in white shirt and messy hair - Johnny Depp hairstyle

Johnny Depp in ‘Edward Scissorhands’ (1990)

Image courtesy: The Hollywood reporter

He kept his hairs long and wavy at times and some times it was straight while both the look were like followed.

Johnny Depp Popular hairstyles - Johnny Depp Young look hairstyle

Image courtesy :-

Johnny Depp wavy hairs during his long hairstyle days.

Like his acting he has been a fashion icon and a teen idol since the commencement of his careers. Though his long hairstyles got quite famous, he cut them short to surprise his fans with on more new look. He would always keep changing his hairstyle and make his fans fall for him over and again.

Johnny Depp in blue denim shirt with a wrist band - Johnny Depp Wavy Hairstyle

Image courtesy:-

In his much loved look, Johnny Depp in long wavy hair style.

Here are we have few more of Johny Depp popular hairstyles:

Johnny Depp Popular Hairstyles - wearing shades

Image courtesy:

His popular look with wavy short hair and spectacles.

Johnny Depp Popular Hairstyles - wearing black and green blazer

Image courtesy :-

Another short hairstyle look which gives more of a gentleman appearance.

Johnny Depp kept wooing his fans with new hairstyles and looks. It would be interesting see his changed looks in his upcoming films.

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