Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles That Attracts Every Woman Towards Him

Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles

When we talk about Shahid Kapoor, the first comment that comes in our mind is “Aweee.” Now, why do girls comment so? The major reason behind it is that women find him cute, attractive and almost like a chocolaty boy whom every woman would just wish to fall in love with. Besides having an attractive personality, he has a perfect physique that adds on to his manliness. The most appealing element that most of the women fall for in him is his hairstyle. No matter what hairstyle he carries at a specific moment, every hairstyle seems to suit him well and enhance his personality.

Since we talking so much about his hair so let us have a look at Shahid Kapoor latest hairstyle:

1. Bearded and Ruffled

With a thick beard and mustache covering his lower jaw, Shahid just gives the feel of a perfect macho man that is just too manly for any girl, but his real manliness is portrayed by the hairstyle he had adopted in this picture. He has placed all his hair in one particular direction and this hairstyle gives one a classy and manly look. It suits well if one has spectacles too.

2. Medium Undercut

If you’ll compare both the above pictures, most of you will say that there is not much difference in both. But the reality is that there is a huge difference. In the first pic, Shahid has combed all his hair in one direction whereas in this one he has balanced his hair equally on both the sides. This hairstyle can be adopted for a casual look and is suitable for short hair.

3. The Short Bangs

Now, this is a hairstyle that many men try to copy but fail to get the real Shahid Kapoor hairstyles. This is a very Shahid Kapoor new look hairstyle that has been recently adopted in one of the sets of his film. It just makes him look chubby, cute and adorable. This hairstyle accompanied with a little beard can just make any woman fall for your looks. The little hair strands falling on his forehead adds on to his cuteness in a very flawless manner.

4. Straight Long

Long hair is something that majority of the men urge for but such hair does not befit every guy. It only suits with the personality and looks of a very few men like Shahid Kapoor. His long hair strands look prettier than the hair of a lady. Cute guys often adopt this hairstyle just to resemble a little bit like our ‘adorable Shahid Kapoor.’ Not only women but men too like this hairstyle of Shahid Kapoor.

5. The Pompadour

In this Shahid Kapoor hairstyle pic, he has styled a pompadour. He perfectly balanced his look with hair at the top, all puffed up. Go shorter on the sides and leave a layered length at the top, and set your hair with a hair gel. Define the individual pieces, and you will have the perfect Pompadour.

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6. The Straight Shag

It is a part of Shahid Kapoor hairstyle 2021. The cool and casual Straight Shag was worn by him in R.Rajkumar. The messy look with a rough beard suited the love-stricken character. This haircut involves medium-length hair with long hair at the front and medium layers at the back so start growing your hair. Then, tousle your hair for the out–of–the–bed look.

7. The Man Bun

This Shahid Kapoor hairstyles name itself tells about the manly style. With a perfect attitude and right beard, he made all the girls swoon. It is a bold style to flaunt, but Shahid does it like a cakewalk. Grow your hair at the top with keeping hair at the sides and back short. Tie a top knot and rock the bun with confidence.

8. Shaggy Medium Length Hair

The effortless, messy hairstyle worn by Kabir Singh resonates with lazy guys who don’t want to spend extra hours styling their hair. Shahid look’s dashing in this out-of-the-bed-look. A ruffled volume hairstyle, make sure to keep away from the trimmer or razor—a glorious hair and a stache compliment the hair.

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9. The Short Spikes

Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles prove that you need not run behind trends. Short Spikes makes a great summer hairstyle. A perfect summer hairstyle, all you need to style this hairstyle is some hair wax or hair gel.

10. Worn Down Undercut

Shahid Kapoor new hair look sports an undercut with hair left down rather than standing up. Creating this controlled, messy look is difficult. Accompanied with a thin beard makes him look adorable. He was seen in this hairstyle in the movie Shandaar. A simple experiment with faded sides worked wonders for him.

11. The Buzz Cut

Shahid Kapoor opted for this buzz-cut hairstyle for his role in Haider. Well, we must say the role he portrayed was perfect for such a type of haircut. This haircut showed the depth of his role and how far he is willing to go for his role. Moreover, his outfit in the movie also went well with his hairstyle.

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12. The Tommy Singh Hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor Latest Hairstyle is long and disheveled, a perfect hairstyle for a rock star. This Gabru hairstyle from the movie inspired many to grow their hair. Shahid was seen wearing many hairstyles during the promotions of this film; a benefit of having long hair is that it can be styled in many ways with varying lengths.

13. Bald Look

Shahid Kapoor shaved his head for Haider. It showed his commitment to delivering perfection. The Bald look makes him look chubby and serious. After all, he had to gain considerable weight for playing this character.

14. Navy Cut Look

Shahid Kapoor styled this sleek dapper short hair for the movie Mausam. He made our heartthrob in those black shades and the military uniform. Whether long or short, Shahid can carry any hairstyle like a Pro.

15. Crew Cut Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle that can make every girl crazy about Shahid Kapoor. His crew-cut hairstyle perfectly enhanced his jawline and hairline. Shahid has a sharp cut, and haircuts like these show his face cut dashingly. He looks macho in every hairdo, but this hairstyle makes him look very handsome.

16. Side Parted Quiff hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor has very voluminous hair, as seen from his pictures. This side-parted quiff hairstyle really accentuated his shiny and voluminous hair. All the attention is shifted to his face now because of his unique hairstyle. It’s a great look for formal events like award shows.

Now friends, how much would you like to rate Shahid’s hairstyle out of 10. Please comment below and also mention the hairstyle that you love the most in the post. If you are a Shahid Kapoor fan, then do like and share this post.

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