Top 10 Hair Color for Men in United States

Top 10 Hair Color for Men in United States

Hair color is a fashion statement which can be funny and elegant depends on the color you use and the way you carry it. With advancement in hair coloring technology, the market gets flooded with hair coloring products for both genders where feminine gender used to rule. Now, there are varieties of hair care products and different shades of hair color for men are available out there. They can also color their hair and experiment with various styles which highlight their manly features and enhance their appearance as well.

If you are going for a makeover then remember that it would be incomplete without changing your hair color. You can change your color in various ways like you can add streaks to it or highlight the ends or you can change the whole hair color. There are many options to choose from for men.

Health Risks of Hair Coloring

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Here are top 10 hair color for men at ideas for metrosexual men of the United States:

Let’s have a look at what are the top rated 10 hair colors for men in the United States –

Platinum Blond Hair Color Men

1. Platinum Blond Hair – This is a much cooler and sleeker hair color for men. But you need to check the shade and intensity of the same. This looks great with treated hair as well. Try to go as light as possible. This will give the perfect icy look. The final result will be a much more sophisticated and fresh look.

Grizzled hairs with Dye

2. Grizzled hair with Dye – This is another semi permanent hair color which is a great way to cover your greys. Grizzled hair not only adds volume to your hair but also creates a stylish illusion pattern on the hair. As a final result, men can color their hair and enjoy a fashionable hairstyle which will give you patterns and color both.

brown hair color

3. Brown Hair Color – This is one of the coolest hair colors. Here just by coloring your hair brown, you will look effortlessly stylish and it has a casual and laid-back look as well. Men having dark colored eyes can color their hair.

Blonde Hair Color

4. Blonde Hair Color – This is good for men who have a whitish skin which is very common in the United States. This also goes well for men who have lighter eyes and especially blue or icy blue eyes. This is great for both formal and nonformal occasions.

Bradley Cooper Light brown

5. Bradley Copper Light brown – This is the signature Bradley Copper look which is a huge hit among the men. This is an image or face softening hair color which will look great in case you have no facial hair very much like Bradley Cooper himself. Also, this adds a boyish look and charm to a man’s personality.

Matt Damon's hair color

6. Dark haired Matt Damon’s hair color – This is perfect for people who have already treated their hair. For people who have dark brown eyes just like Matt Damon himself, this hair color is perfect. This will give you a neat and intense look at both your office as well as during your weekend outings.

Black Hair color men

7. Black Hair color – A plain simple black hair color is actually a no brainer hair color. This looks good on men of any complexion. But it will obviously look best on whitish skin tone. This is a simple and fuss free look and thus always a super hit among the men hair colors.

Bottle Blonde Hair color

8. Bottle Blonde Hair color – Bottle blonde is actually a dirty blonde which can be seen on runways nowadays. The trend is gradually catching up and thus you will see very few men sporting this trend. But it can be seen in high profile fashion circles.

Dark Brown Hair Color Men

9. Dark Brown – Dark brown is a natural and deepest shade of brown. This hair color provides 100% grey coverage on your hair. This is another formal hair color and looks great with suits and shirt.

Grey Hair Color Men

10. Grey Hair – This is one of those semi permanent hair colors which is for men who want an aging look. This is like an aging but with grace. Also, you will enjoy grey hair in case you have icy blue or blue eyes.

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