Top 10 Hair Color for Men in United States

Hair color is a fashion statement which can be funny and elegant depends on the color you use and the way you carry it. With advancement in hair coloring technology, the market gets flooded with hair coloring products for both genders where feminine gender used to rule. Now, there are varieties of hair care products and different shades of hair color for men are available out there. They can also color their hair and experiment with various styles which highlight their manly features and enhance their appearance as well.

hair color for men

If you are going for a makeover then remember that it would be incomplete without changing your hair color. You can change your color in various ways like you can add streaks to it or highlight the ends or you can change the whole hair color. There are many options to choose from for men.

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Here are top 10 hair color for men at ideas for metrosexual men of United States:

1. Copper brown

copper brown men hair color

This looks great on warm skin tones which consist of olive or yellow undertone. The vibrant color effect of this color brings out the texture of each curl when applied on curly hair. This will also look good on straight hair with short and slightly messy style. You can use a curl defining cream after drying your hair with towel to keep your curls in place.

2. Neutral Dark Blonde

Neutral Dark Blonde men hair

This neutral hair color for men looks best when you team it with short hair on sides and slightly longer on the top. This works best for fair skinned complexion or cool undertones which bring out the color of your eyes more prominently. Dark brown eyes look amazing with this color. It is best suitable for medium textured hair which is not too thick or too fine. Wear this color with spikes and use gel for lifting and separation.

3. Warm dark blonde with hint of copper

Warm dark blonde with hint of copper

If you have a warm undertone with light skin complexion then this will be a perfect match for you. This color highlights your blue eyes very well. This hair work best for fine to medium textured hair. This shade contains a hint of copper which give a warm and vibrant effect to your hair.

4. Medium gray

Medium gray men hair

This hair color for men in the United States is subject to experiment nowadays and that is why they are flaunting even the most avoided color i.e. gray. This hue is perfect blend of white and gray which looks stunning on cool undertones. This naturally occurring color works best on medium to coarse textured. You can use silver or violet based color brightening shampoo to maintain the brightness of your grey color. Flaunt your grays along with modern style and cut.

5. Copper

Copper men hair

This color looks great on cool undertones or lighter skin complexions. Medium complexion with warm undertone can also pull it off very well. This color works best on thick and long hair with a razored hair cut or shaggy medium length hair cut.

6. Red

Red men hair

This color looks amazing on cool undertones and fair complexions but slightly warm undertones can also wear it with elegance. This color works best on thick medium textured hair with super short, closed cropped hair cut. It suits every type of texture so don’t be afraid of getting red on your hair.

7. Golden blonde

Golden blonde men hair color

Golden hair teams up very well with fair to medium skin complexions. Persons with light colored eyes are the perfect candidate for this color. This works better on thick wavy hair texture. Use a matte finish styling gel to style your hair.

8. Cool blonde

Cool blonde men hair color

This ultra light cool color is perfect for fair complexion and cool undertones. To get this color, you will need professional help because this is difficult to achieve at home. Since blonde color look is quite see through therefore it works best on medium to thick textured hair. Persons with fine hair should avoid this color because it can make your hair appear finer so they should go for much darker shades.

9. Steel gray

Steel gray men hair color

This color is a perfect combination of white and gray which is very much in fashion. This looks good on medium complexions of cool and warm undertones. Your hair will have a dark gray color with hint of white and when it is styled forward and flicked up then it gives an edgy appearance to your personality.

10. Cool blonde highlights

Cool blonde highlights men hair color

Flaunt your makeover with dark blonde base color with cool blonde highlights. This color looks best on neutral and cool undertones. These highlights give a full appearance to your fine hair and it gives a defined look to naturally wavy or curly hair.

There are other colors which you can try on such as:

  • Medium neutral brown which bring out your blue eyes beautifully
  • Dark warm brown with a hint of caramel at the tips make your hair look vibrant
  • Dark neutral brown which works well with thick hair
  • Chocolate brown which looks perfect against all hair colors
  • Warm medium brown can give texture and dimension to your hair
  • Blackest brown will make you look cool and professional
  • Streaks of white in your natural gray hair throughout the hairline gives you a sexy look

So try these color ideas and set the trend in your social group. But remember that color treated hair need extra care as compared to normal hair because they can be easily damaged or fade away with exposure to sunlight, heat, water, sulfates and other salt or chemicals. To avoid such situation, go through all the color treated hair color guidelines so that it can last for long duration. Use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner for cleaning your hair. protect your hair by covering it with a cap or hat while stepping outside and last but not the least, deep condition your hair once a week. These simple tips can make your hair color stay longer and look healthy and glossy. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite hair color.

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