Top 15 Varun Dhawan Hairstyles 2023

Top 15 Varun Dhawan Hairstyles 2023

Varun Dhawan is a popular actor in the Indian film industry. Varun Dhawan’s hairstyles and fashion are as famous as his acting talents.

Here we bring top 15 Varun Dhawan hairstyles for a triangular shaped face:

  • Short Hair

Varun Dhawan is looking absolutely amazing in this short hairstyle. His clean, shaved look goes with the little gelled spikes on his short hair.

  • side cut, which follows by straight hair

Varun Dhawan has a square-shaped face which makes him look very handsome. This side-cut hair gives depth to his voluminous hair. The straight hair swept on the sides looks very great.

  • The Nerd Look

We can say that Varun Dhawan looks like a very handsome nerd here. However, his long and wavy hair center-parted makes him look like a total macho man.

  • Long wavy hair

Varun is looking damn hot in this long wavy hairstyle. The outfit he’s wearing matches his hairstyle very much.

  • The brush back faded hair

Varun Dhawan looks very handsome in this brush-back fade hairdo. His hair looks neat, decent, and subtle.

  • Ruffled messy hairstyles
Varun Dhawan in blue and white shirt with goggles posing for camera and showing his Ruffled messy hairstyles - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

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His look in ruffled messy hair is attractive as well as innocent. The hairstyle is easy to do and goes well with triangular face shape.

  • Heavy hairs with sharp spikes
Varun Dhawan posing for camera and showing his Heavy hairs with sharp spikes- Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

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The heavy head with spikes is one of the perfect Varun Dhawan hairstyle 2020 for triangular face shape. He looks very attractive , masculine and sexy. The slight bad boy look will set anyone drooling. You can copy this look with the help of some hairproducts like gels.

  • Retro style
Varun Dhawan in pink shirt with a shoulder bag and goggles posing for camera and showing his Retro Style - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles


Varun Dhawan looks classy and cute in this retro style and carries it well. This hairstyle can be adopted and done with much ease.

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  • Taper cut
Varun Dhawan in black vest and googles showing his Tapper Cut - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

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Taper cut has high volume and lighter at the sides. It is suitable for triangle shaped faces and is good for other shapes. It gives a hardy look as well as casual look. It can go good with formals.

  • Regulation Cut
Varun Dhawan in check shirt and intense look with Regulation Cut - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles


This hairstyle will go well with casual wear and formals .It requires slightly longer hairs but will go well with casual and formal wear. Though simple but this Varun Dhawan hair style can go well with all types of styles.

  • Swept back style
Varun Dhawan in blue suit with white shirt in Swept back hair styles - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

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A smart and sexy hairstyle which brings class in formal looks. Varun Dhawan carries off this hairstyle in an amazing way.

  • The schoolboy look
Varun Dhawan in black and off white jacket posing for camera and showing his schoolboy look - Varun Dhawan Hairstyles

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The movie that made him famous was a student of the year. His sexy, popular teenage boy look was quite famous. This look is perfect for casual get together with friends. You need to keep the crown hairs slightly longer than the side hairs. Simple hair products can easily be used for this.
  • Combover with highlights
Varun Dhawan in blue vest posing for camera and showing his Combover with highlights - medium length hairstyle

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This Varun Dhawan hairstyle can be incorporated if you have sleek long hairs. It has strong midcombover with highlights. It can be a popular college look or party look. It has a high volume on one side of the head and the length is longer and hairs are falling on the forehead side.

  • Varun Dhawan’s hairstyle with long hairs
Varun Dhawan in white vest with black scarf posing for camera and showing his Long Hairs - Varun Dhawan hairstyles

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He appeared with long curls in the movie judwa 2. This hairstyle looks funky and goes on well for college goers. For a casual look, the hairs can be kept open with a band and for can be tied with a hairband if you are wearing blazers.

  • The heavy volumous hair with spikes

There was his macho look in the movie Mein Tera Hero which can be suitable for beach looks and party. It will require hair with good volume. You can even highlight the hairs with colors in the crown area.

To get Varun Dhawan hairstyles, you must follow Varun Dhawan hair care routine.

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