Kat Von D struggles with Weight Loss Post Pregnancy

kat von d pregnancy

Kat Von D struggles with Weight Loss Post Pregnancy

“Before I was pregnant, I had my dream body”

These are the first words of Kat Von D. Makeup Guru and tattoo artist Kat Von D shared a video on Instagram where she was seen lifting dumbbells. She revealed her postpartum challenges and the weight loss issues which she is dealing with.

“I know most people, [especially new moms] tend to only post the most perfectly edited version of what motherhood looks like for the sake of Instagram. A part of me feels compelled to show the real side to what life might look like, especially after just having had a baby”.

The 37-year-old lady shared that she never was skinny by model standards but she always had a perfect body. But then pregnancy happened and everything changed.

“After having my son, I was shocked that regardless of how strict I was with my diet, and how well I took care of myself, I somehow managed to gain so much weight,”

she writes.

“I weighed 220 lbs to be exact!”

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She also wanted to stress on the fact that people might think her life is perfect from her dreamy Instagram feeds but no she herself claims that it is nowhere close to being perfect and it is quite far away from being perfect.

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“I might post photos of tattoos I’m doing, music I’m making, my loving husband and my beautiful baby boy who refuses to stop smiling – but what you don’t see is the relentless workout schedule, where sleep is sacrificed and tears are mistaken for sweat. Where there’s no makeup, no cute outfits, and a constant struggle to never give up,”

In her latest Instagram feed, she was addressing all the fellow moms and thus shared this post.

People immediately related to it and started sharing their own experiences.

“Being so transparent with this reminds others that we are all human and that life is so much more than a number on a scale or a size tag,” 

“The exact same thing happened to me. I am over 6ft tall and was in great shape before I got pregnant. I stopped looking at the weight gain during pregnancy at 65lbs. I had a month to go,” the person wrote. “I cried so much behind my bathroom door while no body was looking. I looked as pregnant if not more after birth. I was over 35 years old and it took a long time to get it back with countless sweat and tears.”

“Your baby took 9 months to grow in your body so give it at least 9 months to get back to anywhere as before,”  “That’s how I kept it in perspective!”

“Take your time no race to get back to where you were – take it easy on yourself you created a miracle.”

In no time her Instagram feed was filled with mommy sharing their own weight loss struggles and some were motivating her also to take it easy.

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