List of Fitness Goals in 2020, You Must Follow as a Beginner

List of Fitness Goals in 2020, You Must Follow as a Beginner 11

I am sure all of us must be eagerly waiting for 2020 as this month is just about to end. You all must be excited and busy in deciding different ways to celebrate the last day of 2019 and welcoming 2020. Besides this celebration, have you made any decisions related to your health? Celebrations are okay but at the same time, one must be concerned about his or her health. If you are planning to prepare fitness goals worksheet but are not sure then you must not miss reading this post as it will assist you in setting your short term fitness goals.

Recently, we have published a post on What Happens After You Stop Gym and now we will be sharing the list of fitness goals for beginners:

1. Regular Workout

The very essential part of fitness is a workout. Exercises are necessary to maintain the perfect personality and stay healthy. It boosts your energy level. Also, it is vital to lose or gain weight and become strong. So friends, just make a goal of working out every day even if it is just for 15 minutes.

2. Healthy Diet

Fitness is almost incomplete without food. Unless you consume nutritious food regularly, you just cannot attain a fit body. So ensure that your daily diet comprises of all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, starch, etc.

3. Walk

Walking in the sun is very important to make your body flexible and boost its strength. It will not only boost up your stamina but will also cut down the extra fat from your body. So make it a goal to walk for at least half an hour daily and if possible in the sunlight.

4. Games

When was the last time you played an outdoor game? I hope it won’t be a problem if you just revive the old memories by playing games of your choice like badminton, soccer, cricket, khokho, etc. By playing games you will burn fat and will gain high stamina.

5. Weight Measure

It shouldn’t be an embarrassment to measure weight. I know most of us to fear to weigh our body on the machines but we must have the courage to do so as it will help us to lose it slowly and slowly. You must reduce at least 2 kgs a month to gain the best results as a beginner.

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6. Water 

Water can bring a glow on your face and help you get rid of obesity and fatigue. Make it a habit of drinking atleast one glass of water after every one hour for quick results and just see the difference.

7. Avoid Food Cravings

Can you resist yourself from eating burgers, pizzas, pastries, chocolates, noodles, etc when they are kept in front of you? I’m sure not. But this year you must learn to say no to your tongue and stomach and reduce junk food consumption.

8. Physical Activities

I know it is very difficult to give time to yourself, especially when you’re working. What if you just have to devote one day in a week for any activity like cycling, swimming, etc? Sounds better and convenient right? If yes then you can definitely spend an hour for this.

9. Measure Results

Setting goals and working on them is just not sufficient and worthy unless you measure the results. You must keep a track on how much you have achieved and how much more you need to work? Be honest with yourself.

10. Acceptance

You cannot achieve all the above targets unless you learn to accept yourself the way you are. You must know your weaknesses and strengths and on which areas you need to work on harder. Be positive and you’ll attain the goals.

So, after reading this post how many of you have decided to include the above goals in your new year’s resolution 2019? Please comment your views below.

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