Rapid Weight Loss with Water Fasting

Rapid Weight Loss with Water Fasting

If you are overweight and think that fasting can cut off few pounds from your current weight then you should understand one thing very clearly that fasting (like water fasting weight loss) does help you shed few pounds immensely but the lost weight can come back if you don’t change your unhealthy eating and living habits. Fasting just gives temporary relief from extra weight.

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water fasting weight loss

Fasting is considered as a refresh button because it cleanses your body system and removes unwanted chemicals and impurities from the body. This practice enhances the functionality of your senses and other organ systems as well. Fasting can seem a difficult practice in the beginning but when you will get used to it then you can easily fast once or twice a week.

It is not necessary to fast for days but if you can sustain fasting for more than one day then it is good for you. One day fasting can also bring out many internal and external changes in the body and give your body relief from constant intake of unhealthy food.

What stats say about fasting?

Weight loss generally occurs in the beginning of the fast when you start losing the water weight. Water fasting weight loss per day is 14 ounces for women and about 17 ½ ounces for men. If you are including 200 calories during fasting in form of fruits, juice or broth then the above stated figure reduces by 1 ¾ ounce per day. The weight loss during fasting varies from person to person. Thin people and those with lower metabolism tend to lose weight slowly as their body tries to conserve energy.

What is water fasting?

This is a fasting practice in which you will not consume anything except water for a fixed duration of time. This kind of fasting is generally recommended by almost all religions as a spiritual custom but people also use this method to detoxify the body system.

Water fasting weight loss

As we have mentioned above that water fasting helps in immense weight loss but this water fasting weight loss results are temporary. The lost weight is more likely to come back once you break your fast. Therefore, you can use this practice to start a restricted diet plan. You should prepare yourself mentally and physically before fasting.

How to prepare for water fasting?

Set your mind

You should convince yourself mentally that you can do water fasting so that your body can prepare itself. If you are still afraid of fasting then consult an expert, read books on natural healing and testimonials of those people who have tried this practice. These tips will motivate you, boost your confidence and you will also learn the basic principles of fasting, how the body generally responds during fasting and how fasting will benefit you.

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Eat lightly

You should eat lightly a week before your water fasting so that your systems slow down and start the cleansing process without any nutrient deprivation. You can have raw fruits, veggies, small servings of brown rice and lean meat. Add extra fiber to your meal as it will help your system to run smoothly during fasting. When you are actually fasting, stop doing physically strenuous activities. Some people perform water fasting for 1 – 3 days but water fasting weight loss 7 days can be more effective but you must be an expert for doing such long duration fasting. Therefore, one day fasting is good for beginners 3 – 4 days for intermediate level and weeklong for experts.

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How to do water fasting?

You must drink only water during the entire fasting period means no solid food or other liquid containing nutrition (whole fruit, juice, milk, broth etc.). You can take boiled and cooled water. You should drink 1 – 3 liters or more water in a day. Slightly water will help in enhancing the cleansing process of the body.


How does body experience and respond during fasting?

If you water fasting for the first time then you should be prepared for some general reactions of the body. our body is habitual of multiple meals during daytime and thus a sudden lack of food intake can be shocking for the body and you may feel weakness, dizziness, nausea, discomfort etc. initially which is a normal reaction. You may also feel energetic sometimes but you should not exert yourself during this period as this phase is followed by weakness in the body. This kind of fluctuation is also common and absolutely normal. There may be a drop in blood pressure and you can experience a slight headache as well but there is nothing to be frightened. You just take rest by lying down whenever you feel such symptoms. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist and become intense.

Increase in cravings is another noticeable effect during fasting. You will start imagining food or think about their preparation and dreaming about eating your favorite food. This is the main psychological effect of fasting.

Fasting practice enhances your internal cleansing process at the physical and mental level. The most noticeable sign of this increase in detoxification process is a thick white coating on the tongue. This symptom clearly shows that toxins are eliminating from the body.

You may also notice foul breathe because your lungs are also actively participating in the toxin elimination process. If you are feeling nauseated due to acidity then you can drink a liter of salted water and vomiting out immediately. This method is known as kunjal kriya or vaman kriya and used for cleansing of the stomach in both Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

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How to break water fasting?

Fast breaking is equally important as fasting itself because the body gets used to fasting and sudden intake of a large amount of food can be shocking to the body. It can cause gas, acidity, indigestion, loose motion or vomiting. The main reason for such a reaction is that the digestive system get slows down and solid food can give it a shock. Therefore, you should avoid any solid food just after the completion of fasting. The fast should be broken with lemon or orange juice and you can add some honey to it for calories. Next day, you can have vegetable soup, coconut water or fruit juice with honey 3 – 5 times a day. You can have whole fruit and vegetable soup on the third day and you can return to your normal diet on the fourth day.

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Benefits of water fasting?

  • Fasting provides rest to the digestive system so that it can heal and repair itself.
  • You will feel energetic after removal of toxins.
  • Your weight will decrease considerably but you will likely to regain the weight once you get back to your normal diet.
  • Your control over your senses and mind will also improve during fasting as you get a chance to closely examine yourself.
  • Who should not perform fasting?

People suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes and other deficiency diseases should not perform this practice. Pregnant ladies should not do fasting as it can cause weakness and can be harmful for the baby.

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