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List (with Photos) of Indian Actors Without Makeup

Indian Actors Without Makeup
A life of glamour and glitz is what Bollywood has stood for since its inception. The flawless divas and the striking actors showcase a...

Famous Bollywood Actresses Who Allegedly Do Drugs

bollywood druggist actresses - Collage of Bollywood Actresses
Bollywood is all about class, name, face, rich, glamour, and whatnot. And we humans become prey to all that we see. Wondering how? In...

10 Deepika Padukone Without Makeup Photos (Pathetic?)

Deepika Padukone is one of the highly paid actresses of this country and for all the good reasons. She just looks flawless and gorgeous...

30 Hollywood Actresses Without Makeup [Updated]

You might be surprised at who you might find when looking for a Hollywood actress without makeup photos. The truth about many of today’s...

Kat Von D struggles with Weight Loss Post Pregnancy

kat von d pregnancy
“Before I was pregnant, I had my dream body” These are the first words of Kat Von D. Makeup Guru and tattoo artist Kat Von...

Katrina Kaif Without MakeUp Unseen Photos – (Real Beauty?)

There are many Bollywood actresses that are so amazing to look that people just go crazy about them. But have you ever wondered how...