How to Grow Taller – The Complete Guide

Your height defines your personality and a good height can enhance it many folds therefore everybody wishes to have a good height. Your parents try to guide you from the early stages of your life to eat and live properly in order to achieve overall growth but sometimes it is not possible due to nutritional deficiency, diseases, hormonal imbalance or genetics etc. and then you look out for other grow taller methods.

Our height is controlled by various factors such as genetics, diet, environment, physical activities etc. but with systematic and planned effort, we can overcome these physiological barriers of vertical growth and gain 2-3 inches.

But before opting for any natural or artificial treatment to grow taller, you should be well aware about the benefits and drawbacks of these height increasing methods.

Here we will discuss the need of height gain and techniques used for grow taller.

A good height is the indicator of well developed body and studies have concluded that tall persons are more preferred over short heighted people as they can easily gain attention with the opposite sex. Tall people are more successful professionally and well recognized in their social circle. Still you shouldn’t refrain yourself in anything due to short stature complex only, precisely there are so many successful short people in the world and are doing incredible jobs in cricket; entertainment and in every respective fields.

Growth pattern in boys and girls

The growth pattern is slightly different in both sexes. For example the puberty period starts a year earlier in girls. The growth rate is not very different till the age of 10 in both sexes but it accelerate after onset of puberty due to hormonal changes and this sudden height growth is known as growth spurt. In case of girls this growth spurt occurs between 10-14 years of age which is quite earlier as compared with the growth case in boys. This is the reason that the girls of this age seem much taller than the boys of their same age group.

The growth spurt period is shorter in girls than boys and they achieve their maximum height before they start menstruating and the sudden increase in a girl’s height occurs 6 – 12 months before her menstruation starts. The height growth in girls is generally accompanied with the increase in hip width as well.

The growth spurts occurs in boys around the age of 12 and it can be quite dramatic. Boys can grow 4 inches per year but the growth becomes intense at the peak of puberty period which happens after two years of onset of puberty. The muscles of boys also develop during this period.

Grow Taller Exercises

To grow taller, males and females however can follow the list of exercises appended below for the purpose which are easy to follow in daily life situations without bothering about visiting a gym.

  • High bars: This is a basic instrument meant for height increase and to do this effectively one would require strong arms. As such girls might find this exercise a bit typical and complex to take up.
  • Swimming:  This is one of the most common exercises that boys and girls take up for boosting their physical endurance and strength. None can deny the fact that swimming ushers to proper stretching of spines and helps to grow the biceps and triceps muscles together with the corresponding bones.

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  • Skipping: Skipping is good for shaping your cup and thigh muscles. It also strengthens the joints such as ankles etc. for the proper growth of the human body.Recommended Post – Advantages of Skipping
  • Sprint: Sprints are especially helpful for stretching your spine and the corresponding bones for growing taller.
  • Yoga:There are several asanas (postures) that can effectively complement your growth rate; namelyDhanurasana- Yoga for Increasing Height hanurasana and bhujangasana to name a few.Recommended PostYoga poses to increase height

You can also take up cycling and other convenient exercises dedicated for boosting your growth rate. The one that suits you best and serves your purpose should be construed as the best solution for increasing your height.

Ways & Means of Growing Taller:

The methods to grow tall can be categorized into three categories on the basis of mode of their action. These ways are:

How to Grow Taller

1) Natural methods
2) Surgery
3) The Medicinal Therapy

Each process has its own limitations like natural method like yoga or other stretching exercises takes long time to show their effect. If you wish to grow taller then you must be ready to consider one of following methods as per your age and current body requirements.

1) Natural Way:

The essence of growing taller in natural way hovers around the habit of exercising regularly from an early age that summarily stimulates the secretion of growth hormones inside your body alongside helping your bones and muscles to grow in sync. The crux is you have to take a systematic approach here that will virtually complement your growth rate. Though genetics play a pivotal role here in determining your growth naturally you will still be benefited to a great extent by following simple yet powerful exercises dedicated for increasing your height.

But, all these exercises you must do under an expert’s advice. This will work as a stitching in nine for saving nine. How? The reason is only an expert can understand your requirement better vis-à-vis your body type, features and BMI (Body Mass Index). You must remember that the ultimate goal of gaining height is to complement your personality and style as a social person.

Exercises alone however cannot yield the desired effect in the matters of increasing your height. You have to follow a few healthy habits such as the following that will expedite the process of height gains and show positive results on your endeavor for attaining good height.

  • Start early

    According to studies the best growth period is up to 18 years for women and 24 years for men. So, if you start your exercises early there remains fair amount of possibilities to attain height despite of your genetics going against it. This is perhaps the reason that validates the fact that we do not necessarily get to see the son and daughter of a dwarf couple as dwarfs only; though none can deny the significance of genes playing pivotal role here.

But, you know what neither you nor we can assure which gene will be dominant on the other at the time of birth of the offspring. This peculiar phenomenon visibly comes to our notice when we see a fair complexion offspring out of a dark complexion couple. The gist is: begin your exercise schedule early for reaping the maximum output for sure. Daily practice the exercises which are given above.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking: The habit of smoking and drinking takes heavy toll on your general wellbeing and health. At times the effect surfaces late; but with surety. We have even seen people to suffer from massive cardiac arrest after quitting smoking almost 20 years back. Drinking habit summarily takes away hydration of your body and mainly affects the intestines and kidney followed by the urinary system in your body. If you are suffering from some problems or the other how can your growth rate remain unfazed?
  • Avoid stress: High stress level is known for taking away happiness of one’s life. It is diagnosed as the root cause of high blood pressure and losing your calm and cool. When you are stressed your entire metabolism summarily gets stressed too for the worst thereby impacts your growth in the negative.
  • Good sleep: You should at least have 8 hours of sleep every day failing which you internal organs will start retarding fast. In the process your growth will be affected. You know what the highest percentage of growth in human body takes place as a foetus and during the early years of birth. Look at the sleeping pattern of a baby you will see that the baby sleeps in most part of the day and night that complements the baby’s growth. Babies, that don’t, generally suffer from multiple complexities in the matters of their nutrition and growth.
  • Healthy diet: Whatever you eat forms the base of your health. Because, food particles are converted into glucose while passing through the intestines leading to stomach. The glucose is then absorbed into your body and gets assimilated into blood. Your blood delivers the glucose molecules to the every cell of your body. This is how your body gets the energy for normal functioning and / or produces energy on demand for body.Recommended Posts 
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  • Indian teenager diet for increasing height

On the flip side just imagine that one fine morning you took diet enriched with unsaturated fats (fats that your body can’t digest naturally). As a matter of fact your metabolic rate will be low producing less energy for the body. You will then start feeling lazy and sleepy facilitating those unsaturated fats to pile up here and there in the open spaces of your body.

Moral: Avoid taking unhealthy foods; always insist for healthy diets.

2) Surgical procedure:

This method is suggested for medical reasons to treat patients with limb deformities or injuries and not for height gain therefore you must not consider this surgery as a cosmetic one. This surgical procedure is known as limb lengthening surgery and it was first done in 1972 by Prof. G. A Ilizarov and his work was based on principal of compression and distraction ontogenesis.

In this procedure, the surgeon breaks your shin bone into two and inserts a telescoping rod which will pull your bones apart approximately 1 mm per day. New bone, nerves, muscle, skin, and blood vessels grow will grow eventually and fill the gap. The mechanical pull will be slow enough to let the new bone continue to grow and fast enough to not let it heal completely so that the bone distraction process can continue until desired length is achieved.

This whole lengthening process continues for 3 months and it is followed by 3 – 6 months recovery period which involves physical therapy. Since the whole procedure is quite painful therefore effective pain management is very important. Since the anti-inflammatory drugs can slow down the bone growth therefore their consumption is also limited means you have to live under minimum pain medication during the recovery period therefore you should not take surgical method very lightly and consult a good surgeon who can guide you better regarding this option.

Read more about height surgery

3) The Medicinal Therapy:

The market is flooded with height increasing medications and supplements which claims to increase your height to several inches within a certain period of time but it is a difficult job to find out if they are effective or not. Besides that there may be side effects of these products. Here are some medicinal options available for height gain in market

Homeopathy pills

These pills are claimed to have no side effects and also available in market at an affordable price.

Height supplements

These comes in form of pills and capsules which claims to be made of herbal extracts which helps in increasing the production of growth hormone in the body. Buy supplements from Amazon India or go here for Amazon US

Ashwagandha powder

This herb Ashwagandha which is also known as Withania sominifera is found to be effective in height gain. Buy from Amazon India or go here for Amazon US.

Somatropinne HGH

This product is generally used by bodybuilders and claimed to elongate the bones as it produces amino acids which helps in increasing your height. Note: Doctor supervision is advised for this.

Growth Maximizer Pro

This product comes in a monthly pack of amino acids which helps in height gain and also energizes your body. Read the review of grow taller pills.

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