It’s Proven – Carbless Diet Shockingly Burnt 300 Calories in a Day!

It’s Proven – Carbless Diet Shockingly Burnt 300 Calories in a Day!

Oh! How difficult it sounds when we are asked to cut down on our favorite chocolates, pizzas and burgers. But when it comes to get a slim-trim and attractive body, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind doing so.

Wait-a-minute…Are you misinterpreting my words for going on a hunger diet. No..No..All I mean is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates in your diet or to put it in other words go on a Less-carb diet.

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Get over the Myths

Gone are the days when people used to believe that less-carb diets would increase cholesterol and results into heart disease due to the increased fat content. Thanks to the extensive studies conducted by noble researchers on less-carb diets which have reversed the controversies imposed on less-carb diets.

The time is changing and so is the people’s perception. Each of those studies have proven less-carb diet leads to faster loss in terms of weight and also results into reduced cholesterol.
Let us learn how.

Less-carb diets and their Role in Reduced Appetite

You will be glad to know that when we feed more on proteins and fats and reduce the intake of carbohydrates like sugar etc. Our appetite reduces automatically and we end up consuming much lesser calories without even having to go on the so called “diet” which makes our stomach starve to death.

Studies have shown that people following a less-carb diet tend to lose weight faster as compared to those on a Less-fat diet. This is because less-carb diet helps our body get lower levels of water, lowers the insulin level and hence prepares our kidney to shed too much of sodium which can lead to quick loss of weight.

Less-carb diet prevents our body from serious metabolic problems

The fat that seeps in from the abdomen is extremely harmful and may cause serious metabolic problems, again the less-carb diet comes to the rescue by reducing the fat accumulation around the body organs even more effectively than the less-fat diets.

Less-carb diet tends to be high in fat which leads to an impressive increase in blood levels of HDL

HDL is also referred to as the “good” form of cholesterol as it carries the cholesterol to the liver region where it is reutilized and thrown away from the body through excreta.

It is widely acknowledged that higher the level of HDL, lower is the risk of a heart disease. The best way to pump up HDL levels is by pumping enough fat. A less-carb diet in itself comes with quite some fat. Thus, Less-carb diet reduces the risk of a heart disease.

Studies show that reducing carbs leads to a significant reduction in blood pressure, which should results into the reduced risk of many common diseases.

High Blood pressure or Hypertension appears to be a common disease in today’s lifestyle which is full of junk food consumption with Pizza-Huts, Dominoes, McDonald’s, Subways etc. dominating the market. Increased blood pressure (hypertension) may lead to many diseases like stroke, kidney failure heart disease, and many others.

Less-carb diets are a great medium to help you cut down blood pressure by reducing the cholesterol percentage in your body..

Hence Proved

Cutting carbohydrates intake is one the easiest means to shed weight. So next time when you think of getting slimmer you do not need to go on a hunger diet…all you need to do is to restrict the carbohydrate-rich food including junk and high-sugar content food.

This however should not be taken as an exercise but rather converted into a habit.