Healthy Diet for Indian Teenager for Grow Taller

As a parent, you want your child to excel in every field and for that you work hard to keep them stay fit and healthy. But in this fast paced life, we have moved from raw food items to ready to eat stuff or processed one which doesn’t do any good for children’s health. Here is the list of items which, if you include in your kid’s diet then it will help them in increasing their height and overall development.

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Yes, you get it right. Protein is required for each and every process of the body be it digested, signaling in the nervous system, pumping of heart, healing of wounds, catalyzing a biological process and many more. On top of that your kid also results of some protein interaction on a micro level. Now that is some scientific stuff, but the main thing you should know that YOUR KID NEEDS PROTEIN for the development and growth of the body. So, you must include protein rich sources in their diet.

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  • Follow 3E’s means ‘Eat Eggs Everyday’

Egg white is one of the richest source of proteins so make sure to feed at least one egg daily. If your kid doesn’t like boiled eggs, then there are many healthy dishes which include egg like an omelet, scrambled eggs, baked egg burgers, basic fried eggs etc. Egg proteins help your kids in growing taller.

  • Milk magic

Make your kids drink a glass or two everyday as it contains all the necessary vitamins along with high amounts of proteins. It is also a rich source of calcium, an important mineral which makes your bones and muscles strong. You can give them plain warm milk or add health supplements which also enhances its flavor. Milk is the most recommended diet to grow taller.

  • Healthy nuggets

Children love those tiny soft balls of soybean nuggets. It is a best vegetarian item which is rich in proteins and helps in improving muscular and skeletal growth. There are many soybean recipes which your kids would love to try one.

  • Oatmeal in breakfast

Oatmeal is an ideal breakfast since it is rich in protein and fiber while low in fat content. Encourage your kids to make a habit of eating oatmeal every day. This practice helps them in improving digestion and making them taller.

  • Chicken meat

Talking about proteins and forgetting chicken is an injustice. Lean meat or chicken breast has a high level of proteins. You can make yummy and healthy chicken recipes for your kids like chicken soup, roasted chicken, chicken burger etc.

  • Calcium for natural growth

The main mineral constituent of our skeleton is Calcium because it gives strength and hard texture to the bones. It is also very essential for proper functioning of skeletal muscles. The low amount of calcium in the body weakens the bone and cause many ailments like arthritis, gout, muscle dystrophy etc. Your kids should have enough amount of calcium in order to increase development and growth of the body. Besides milk there are many other items which are rich in calcium. Let’s check them out:

  • Popeye’s favorite Spinach

Spinach has many dietary benefits since it contains calcium, iron and other minerals which helps in the growth of the body. Remember, Popeye eats spinach to grow big and tall. You can surely give this example to your kids. Besides that spinach has lots of fiber content which cleans your gut and improves the digestion.

  • Yummy Yogurt

Yogurt is among the richest sources of vitamin D and Calcium along with other nutrients like protein, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and B12. All of these nutrients are essential for growing taller. So, it is the golden food for your kid’s health. You can serve yogurt to your child in sweetened and flavored form as buttermilk, Lassi, Raita, Misti Doi and many other tasty versions.

  • Minerals and Vitamins help in gaining height

Proteins and calcium are the supporting components of growth, which helps in the development and strengthening of the framework of the body which is important for a proportionate height, but nutrients which stimulate the growth hormone release by activating the growth glands and these hormones triggers the growth process in the body is equally important. Vitamins and minerals play the key role of enhancing the synthesis of growth hormone in the body. Here we will discuss about some food items which are rich in these nutrients.

  • Globe turnips

This easily available white and purple modified root is not just beautiful look wise, but it benefits your height like no other. This vegetable is rich in growth hormone, vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, cholesterol and good fat. Daily intake of turnip can add inches to your kid’s height. You can feed turnips to your kids in cooked form, by adding them in gravy or its juice.

  • Small beans make you big

If your kid regularly eats boiled, baked or cooked beans, then there are good chances of increase in height since beans are known for stimulating the growth hormones. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, folate and complex carbohydrate.

  • Use ladyfingers

Okra or ladyfinger is found to have height increasing properties. This flowering plant is having multi nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibers, complex carbohydrate and water. It is a popular food in Indian communities and consumed in raw, fried state or cooked with spices. It helps in digestion as it has laxative properties and fiber content also play a major role. Intake of okra helps in stimulating growth hormone as well as enhancing its effect on the body hence your body grows vertically.

  • Pearly Peas

These small and round green bead vegetables are one of the favorite vegetable of kids. It is another thing that they like to play with it rather than eat it, but make sure that your kids do eat it since it stimulates the growth hormone and thus boost the height. This veggie is rich in vitamins, fibers, proteins, minerals and Lutein (a Xanthophyll which prevents muscular degeneration). Always remember to add fresh green peas to the food and not the dried ones. You can include peas in salad, boiled or cooked form.

The above food items are rich in nutrients and helps in your child’s overall growth in one way or another, but it gives him/her a healthy body. If you make them take up a habit of exercising (like stretching or yoga) or sports (swimming, Basketball) then it will give them more advantage in terms of height. Since the human body responds more positively in teenage as compared to the other age period.

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