Top 10 Male Models in India 2019


Modeling isn’t as simple as it appears. There are a lot of struggles in the field and it takes a lot of courage to go on the stage and walk confidently before a huge crowd cheering up for you. It is hard to focus especially when all the eyeballs are on you. The struggle is not only for women but for men as well. There are many men in India who have strived and secured the top positions in the modeling field and are presently a recognized face for all the Indians. Recently, we have published a post on 30 Most Beautiful Indian Women in World

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Now we will be highlighting the list of top male models India:

Top Indian Male Model 2019
1. Rohit Khandelwal
Rohit has always been counted among the top fitness models male and undoubtedly has achieved several titles with his exceptional personality. He has received the title of both Mr. India and Mr. World.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
2. Abhimanyu Chaudhary
If we ever think about the male models India, Abhimanyu’s name can never be skipped. He has a sizzling personality that just makes him stand out among all the top India fitness models male.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
3. Manu Bora
As we all can see in the above picture, Manu looks more adorable than the scenery and he definitely belongs to this list. His postures, styles, smile, etc everything is just flawless.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
4. Prabh Uppal
He creates magic whenever he walks on the ramp. His smoky looks and hot personality is just too much to set the stage on fire and make him an essential part of this list.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
5. Rouhallah Gazi
Blessed with a handsome face, Rouhallah Gazi has always been dedicated towards his career and his several years of workout and fitness care made him one of the top models of this year.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
6. Mudit Malhotra
Mudit has always been a shining star when it comes to modeling. His sparkling personality and the spark in his moves and styles always make every girl fall for him.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
7. Mohit Nandal
Long hair looks cool at guys and this is what Mohit proved well. His long hair made every Indian male love long hair and no doubts his ramp walk has always been amazing.

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Top Indian Male Model 2019
8. Prateek Jain
How many of you like Prateek Jain? Isn’t his looks and style amazing? He is an Indian model that all of us are proud of.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
9. Nitin Chauhan
Nitin’s facial features have always been adorable and attractive to look at. Men often try to adapt his style as his physique and personality are just exceptional.

Top Indian Male Model 2019
10. Himanshu Bhati
No matter in which country of this world a man stays, an Indian can never leave his Indian culture. Himanshu is one such top Indian model who has won every Indians’ heart with his Indian personality.

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So friends, which Indian male model is your favorite on this list? Please comment on your choice and the reason for your choice below.