Akshay Kumar Photos without Makeup

Akshay Kumar Photos without Makeup 11

Akshay Kumar, popularly known as ‘Akki’ is one of the most prominent and versatile actors of Bollywood and undoubtedly possess a very good personality. Besides, having a good figure he has flawless looks that attract many women. His smile just adds on to his positive personality. But have you ever seen him without makeup? If no, then just read this post till the end. You can check without makeup photos of Bollywood actors and now we are going to highlight Akshay Kumar without makeup photos:

This is one of the latest picture of Akshay without makeup and isn’t he looking equally adorable as he looks with makeup?

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The above picture is a selfie clicked by Akshay and Twinkle and both of them in the above picture are without makeup and yet look lovely couple.

This picture of Akshay Kumar has been clicked without any filters or any edited stuff. He is one of the best Bollywood actor without makeup.

The above picture was clicked when Akshay was spotted at a public place and in the picture we all can see there is no makeup on his face.

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This is another picture of this lovely couple without makeup and Akshay’s personality and looks without makeup just kills it.

This was a personal selfie clicked by Akshay Kumar when he was chilling with his friend Sunil Shetty and despite the white beard, he looks young.

Akshay Kumar’s almost bald hairstyle in the above picture doesn’t affect his looks. Isn’t he looking stunning without makeup?

The moustache on Akki’s face and the smile on his face may be adorable, but his face without makeup just enhances his handsomeness.

The above is a close up photo of Akshay Kumar without makeup. Despite clicking it from such a close-up, his face looks flawlessly charming.

This is one of the best photos of Akshay Kumar without makeup as he is greeting in an Indian way. Do you agree as well?

Which photo of Akshay Kumar without makeup was the best according to you? Please comment on your choice and the reason of your choice below.

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