5 Things to Lose Belly Fat – Tips from Fitness Coach Sahil Khan

5 Things to Lose Belly Fat – Tips from Fitness Coach Sahil Khan

All of us want a beautiful and healthy body but the fat that shows up from the stomach crushes the dream. How to lose belly fat is a question that many of us feel challenged with. Following a rigorous workout schedule most of the times become hypothetical with all the work pressure but here we are going to tell you five basic things that you can use to experience weight loss quickly.

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So let’s get started and learn how to lose belly fat:

  • Apple Cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar nutrition facts

It is truly said that the way you start your day determines how good your day would be. So when you wake up in the morning. Take a half liter of water then put a couple of spoons of apple cider vinegar into it. You can go to the toilet after 15 minutes of consuming this water. Apple cider vinegar is one of the key food to have weight loss quickly. Make sure you have organic apple cider vinegar. One of the recommendations is Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. It can be taken multiple times a day. It is good to a lesser quantity before bed time. Apple cider vinegar is an old yet very effective ingredient to lose belly fat

Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrition Facts You Must Know

  • GNC – Yohimbe (stubborn fat burner)


Stubborn fat is present usually at body parts like abdomen, face, thighs etc. GNC‘s capsules will help in burning fat that does not easily go away. It is common with fat gain body starts holding water. So you can take half a capsule with a tablespoonful of L carnitine liquid and then go for cardio sessions or workout sessions.

  • Sat Isabgol (Psyllium husk)


Sat isabgol or the psyllium husk is an ancient Indian household remedy for the digestive problem. Those who are looking for tips on how to lose fat quickly, this simple home remedy can work wonders. Take 3 spoons of husk in a glass of water and have it after you have apple cider vinegar in the morning. You can have it around three times a day.

Isabgol helps in detoxifying the body and helps in avoiding stomach bloating due to air retention. This herbal and inexpensive thing will help to lose belly fat quickly. It helps in fulfilling the daily fiber requirements of the body.

  • Lemon water

Lemon Water

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Lemon water is known to detox the body and in weight loss since ages. So whenever you drink water, you can squeeze a lemon into it. This will help to keep your body alkaline which protects you from many diseases. It enhances natural bowel movement.

  • Cardio Exercises

cardio exercises

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If you are asking how to lose weight quickly or you want to lose belly fat. It cannot happen without cardio exercises. You can do it for 45 minutes if you have time. You can extend it to 60 minutes if you have more fat on your body and you want to lose early.

People who are busy and want to have weight loss quickly can do sprints. Run as fast possible on the tread mill. So run for one minute and walk for two minutes, then continue like this. One needs to do the cardio exercises with awareness and enjoy them fully.

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Even after you are done with cardio, the body continues to burn fat for some time. So it is advisable to not have food after cardio till one hour. The meals should have more green vegetables, proteins, and good fats. It is advisable to avoid carbohydrates in the first meal after cardio as it stops the fat burning that happens inside the body due to cardio.

lose belly fat fitness coach Sahil Khan

You can follow these to tips to experience weight loss quickly and lose belly fat to get an attractive body. Hope this article has cleared all the doubts on how to lose fat quickly.

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