Fat Loss Recipe – How to lose 3kg in 7 days ? Fitness Mantra by Fit Tuber

Fat Loss Recipe – How to lose 3kg in 7 days ? Fitness Mantra by Fit Tuber

Weight loss is something that many of us are struggling to achieve. Many of us who are working professionals are not able to stick to a specific diet. For the weight loss becomes a big challenge and they keep alternative to lose weight without dieting. So here we are with a magical trick, a special recipe which will help you to burn down fat and you will lose weight in 7 days.

Wait, I am not here to tell you to climb the mountains or do something difficult but just to include this magical recipe in your daily diet. This recipe is surely going to work for you and results will be visible to you and it will cost you a meager amount of 5 rupees a day !!

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Learn the Best Method to Lose Weight in 7 days with Fat Loss Recipe:

weight loss 3kg within 7 days
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What is the special recipe?

Ingredients (For two serving)

  1. Onion (1 medium)
  2. Tomato (2 small)
  3. Cabbage (1/4 medium)
  4. Capsicum (1/2 medium)
  5. Carrot (1 medium)
  6. Water

weight loss 3kg within 7 days

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Chop all the vegetables. On the gas stove put a pressure cooker in which put some water. Now heat the water on less flame and put 1 medium chopped onion. Stir the onion and sauté it for few minutes.

Now add the most important ingredient, the finely chopped cabbage to the pressure cooker. Stir the cabbage well. Add some rock salt to it. Now add chopped carrots and stir them. After some time add chopped capsicum and chopped tomatoes. Add half spoonful of black pepper. Stir them well and sauté all the vegetables. Now add around 500 ml of water to the pressure cooker so that all the vegetables get soaked into it. Cover the pressure cooker with its lid and let it cook for 15 minutes.

Take the pressure cooker down and after some time open the lid. Serve the dish in a bowl and add some lemon juice to it which will not only enhance the taste but also will increase its properties of fat loss. Your vegetable broth soup is ready to cut the fat from your body. This whole can be prepared in any deep pan and not necessarily a pressure cooker.

You can take this dish as many times as you feel like in a day. Take at least once in a day for seven days to see visible results. The recipe is made such that it boosts your metabolism and helps in burning fat.

Power of the ingredients

The ingredients used in this recipe are powerful and perfect for weight loss. Cabbages have high detoxifying properties and are rich in vitamin K. It aids in digestion and helps to maintain the cholesterol level.

Carrots are a high source of fiber and vitamin A. They are low in their glycemic value which makes them optimum for weight loss. Capsicum is also an important weight loss ingredient. It regulates the blood sugar level in our body. Tomatoes are high in fiber and water content. Also, it is a good source of lycopene, an important antioxidant.

In this recipe, we have used rock salt and not the common salt. Rock salt is highly beneficial as it boosts the metabolism and improves digestion.

Black pepper that we have used is also well known for its weight loss properties and will help in weight loss without dieting. You can have this vegetable broth at any time of the day as you want and you can make it a permanent part of your daily diet. There are no side effects of this recipe until and unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Although the vegetable broth is recommended to have fresh if you lack time you can store it for 7 days and can have whenever you want. Also, it is not recommended to change the ingredients or its quantities for the best result. Do not add any oil for sautéing as it will increase the calorie content.

Have this interesting and magical fat loss recipe to get visible results in a mere 7 days.

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