4 Hair Color Mistakes that make you look Older

4 Hair Color Mistakes that make you look Older

Why Hair Color Mistakes are Very Common and Its’ Solution

People used to color for hiding those grays but hair coloring has also become a trend and is used by people of all ages. But you should consult with your hair stylist before going for a hair color because they can suggest you the right color for you which will suit your skin tone and enhance your attractiveness while highlighting your facial features. Some unfortunate outcomes can happen during coloring which can be sorted out. These mistakes usually occur in selection of your hair color because people may end up with hair color which can make them look older if they didn’t take professional help before coloring.

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Here is the list of four hair color mistakes that make you look older.

1. Dark color

Girl in white t-shirt smiling and showing her dark Blonde short Wavy Hairstyle - hair color mistakes

Dark color makes your fine lines and wrinkles stand out if you are in your 30s or 40s. On the other hand, if you have prominent gray hair then your roots will be noticeable soon after few weeks and you will frequently need touch ups. To avoid such kind of hair color mistakes, you should go for a warm tone which is 1 – 2 shades lighter than your natural hair shades. It will add light reflection to your skin complexion and minimize the contrast created by the dark color. You can also try subtle highlights which will give dimension to all over dark color.

2. Brassy hue

A girl in black deep cut top with red lipstick showing her short Red Bob Hairstyle - hair color benefits

The red or reddish orange undertone makes your complexion redder and removes the youthful glow of your skin. If this tone is dominant in your hair then it can make your hair appear dull and damaged. You can use a purple shampoo to remove the yellowness of the brassy shade as purple neutralizes the brass color because it is just opposite of it on the color wheel. A good quality toner can also help you in neutralizing the unwanted shades.

3. Lighter shades

A girl in light blue t-shirt showing the side view of her light soft sass Look Hairstyles - hair color

Very light hair color can be considered as gray and opting for lighter shade can make you look as older as in case of darker shades. Therefore, you have to maintain a contrast between your hair shades and skin complexion. If there will be no contrast then your hair will lose depth and you will appear washed out. You can darken your light hair color with a color which is 1 – 2 shade lighter than your natural shade and team up with subtle highlights.

4. Red tone

A girl in black top showing the side view of her tapered curls hairstyles - hair color mistakes

This color looks great in 20s and work fine in 30s but with growing age the difference between this and your skin complexion becomes prominent which makes you much older. It happens because the skin starts losing pigments with growing age and skin color is directly related to hair color. Thus the contrast between skin and hair color becomes noticeable with this shade. The deeper shades can gives you a flushed appearance and increases the uneven skin tone. You can team up your red color with few highlights or a hint of copper to make it look more natural.

Some Very Common Mistakes that can make you look Older

Wearing Past Color Trends

Everything needs an update to work fast and better, and so does your hair. Unfortunately, getting a hair color on-trend two years ago will not make you seem trendy. Instead, you must switch with the trends to level up your hair game.

Not Covering your Roots

Getting a trendy hair color is fine, but what if the dye job is not done properly? For example, if the dye doesn’t cover your roots; it does not look like you have fresh hair color; instead of making this mistake opt for styles like balayage.

Not doing Face-Framing Highlights

Hair colors and hair styling can change the way you entirely look. They frame the face to make a center of attraction. If you are not getting some face-framing highlights after cool hair color, then we would say it’s just a waste of effort.

Picking a monochromatic dye

Choosing a single hair color can be wrong because having a light and dark shade of a color can create an illusion of having thick hair. Monochromatic dyes usually do not do well. They create a blunt non-attractive look.

Going for a color completely different from our natural tone

Let’s say you have a dark ash black hair color and you want a blonde, and you get a blonde. But you look different from what you used to look like before. So going with some heavy streaking helps a lot better if you want to change your hair look completely.

Wrong Parting for your Hair

Parting and styling your hair has a key role in hair appearance. For example, if you got some good highlights on the left side of your hair and you partition your hair from the right flipping all the hair to the left side, covering the highlights, that does not make any sense, right?? So partition has to be done right every time.

There are also some other hair color mistakes which can add more years to your look. These mistakes are use of funky and unnatural colors like rainbow color, having too much highlights and having tighter tips on the ends. These can make your face appear wider and age you. Therefore, try to avoid doing such mistakes because getting a color is easy but its removal is a tedious task and damaging to your hair.

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