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Download Health and Fitness Apps for IPhone – 2018

There are many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, which help you to connect with your family and friends. But have you ever tried those apps which will help you stay fit and healthy?

Participants who are using these health and fitness applications are frequently more active than those who are not using these apps.

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These health and fitness apps help users to improve their health by doing different – different exercises which are beneficial for health. These exercises include warm-ups, cardio, squats, running, bodyweight training etc.

These applications track the data from GPS and sensors and then show the accurate results in graphs or tables.

After download health and fitness apps, one can lose weight, count calorie intake, workouts etc. You can do these workouts at your own home with the help of an inbuilt coach.

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In this article, we will tell you about the best health n fitness apps of 2018 which are available on your iPhones. So let’s get started –

  • Nike Training Club: From Yoga to Weights

This is one of the best fitness app available on your iPhone. This app has over more than 160 free video workouts for the different body parts. These video workouts include running, workouts, yoga, cardio, warm-ups etc.

Nike Training Club has three levels of difficulty level for the users. You can select your difficulty level according to your preferences. There is a huge number of workouts are available for the users. You can share your progress and goals to social media platforms.

This app does support Apple TV. So you can stream this app on your Apple TV too. Apple watch support also included this app.

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Nike Training only works on iOS 10 or later. This app will not work on those devices which are running lower than iOS 10.

  • Fitbit Coach: Best App for Fitness Growth

This is also an excellent fitness app for the iPhone users. This app is created by the Fitbit itself. This app tracks your daily activities and creates a suitable workout based on your activities and fitness level. This app has many workout videos available for the whole body parts.

Most of the workouts which are available on this app are quick ones. This app will take your precious time.

This app is not free at all. You will have to pay $7.99 to unlock its premium content.

  • Runkeeper: For Running Smarter

This can also be a great app for fitness freaks. This app tracks the data of your running activities and measures distance. This is great for the runners. In this app, you can do workouts with the help of videos. You can share your live location and track with family and friends.

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This app supports Apple Watch so this app can help you track data of your activities through apple watch. You can share your goals and stats on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Most of the content is free in this app but if you want to unlock premium content then you will have to pay $9.99 for that.

  • Zova: Workout App- Getting Fit in Style

Zova is a personal fitness trainer app available for iPhones. This app tracks your daily activities and suggests you workout according to them. In this app, you can enable Siri to get started with Zova. You will notifications if you are not doing anything for a while. This app can suggest you run or walk according to your activities.

So this is great for those who don’t have much time in their life for different workouts. This app itself will suggest you workouts according to your activities.

This app is free but to unlock premium content you will have to pay $7.99 for a month.

  • Zombies, Run!: Gamifying Your Run

Zombies Run is a very popular app or game available on your iPhones. This app turns your casual run into a dangerous survival audio experience. In this app, Zombies will target you and you will only have to run, run and run. The concept of this app is really great. This app can help you to get in shape and lose some weight.

If you are sought of gamer and fitness freak then you must have to try this app. This app will take you to a whole new level of ultra-immersive running an adventure game.

This app only works on 11.2 iOS version. This app will not work on the older versions.

  • Sworkit – Personalized Workouts for Exercise and Fitness

This app has more than 200 workouts for the different body parts. All the workouts are demonstrated with videos. This app is also specialized for kids as well. Kids can also take care of their fitness with this app.

You can choose from many prescribed workouts or can create your custom workouts as well.

This app combines the workouts in interval training which increases the effectiveness of workout for the different body parts. This app always suggests you different exercises for different body parts.

This app has more than 13 users worldwide. You can share your goals and stats with your family and friends as well as on social media.

  • Fitness Buddy

This is a great app for those who want to work on their muscles. This app has more than 2400 different workout for whole body parts. Animations, videos, and diagrams can help you to do your desired workout. There are more than 1000 video workouts available in this app. Videos include dumbbell, ball, barbell, kettlebell related workouts.

You can almost everything in this app. You can track your daily fitness and activities in this Fitness Buddy application.

This app is free but you will have to pay to unlock premium content which includes more HD videos, apple health integration etc.

  • Lose It!

If you want to lose weight then this can be a great app for you. It can count the calorie intake of food you are eating by just scanning the barcode with the built-in barcode scanner. This app will take a closer look at the food you are eating and count the calorie intake of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates etc.

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In this app, you can sync your goals with the other apps. You can see your progress by week or month.

This is a great app for those who want to lose weight but can’t invest in a premium app.

  • Freeletics Bodyweight

This is another great app which you can try if you want to build your muscles and increase strength. The free version includes 900 equipment free different workouts for your body. You can choose from high-intensity workout or strength building workouts for your body in one app.

You can set your goals in this app as well. The free version can be great for those who are interested in doing home workouts

This is a free app if you want to unlock premium content then you will have to pay $35 for 12 week which includes coaching as well by the trainer.

  • Yoga Studio

This is the best app for yoga freaks out there. This app includes more than 70 meditation and yoga classes as well. You can set your level from beginner to advanced level in which exercises will last from 10 to 60 minutes for the whole exercise.

You can focus on strength, relaxation, balance, flexibility related exercises. The built-in audio helps a lot in this app.

In this app, you can get step by step instruction by the build in audio coach for almost 280 different poses. With the help of this app, you will get every yoga pose on your iPhone. You can set a reminder according to your preference for your next yoga class.

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