Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth

Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth 1

Karwa Chauth is not just about fasting or performing all the rituals perfectly. Dressing up well, looking out of the world, breaking fast, etc, all look romantic in Karwa Chauth but is it sufficient. In this busy world, the married couples do not get much for time for each other as they are too engrossed in their office work or house chores. Karwa Chauth gives every woman the opportunity to make the best use of the day and spend most of the time with her husband.

After reading the above lines you must be wondering what could be done apart from performing the rituals at night. The following are a few ideas that can make your Karwa Chauth the memorable one:

Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth 2

Dinner Date

After starving for one entire day, every woman is sure to feel badly hungry by night and so the moment she is done with the rituals, the first thing she would prefer is to pounce on the delicacies. Now, you can make this thing more worthwhile only if you plan out a dinner and make your husband feel more special on this day. It will make him realize that you have not fasted just for the sake of Indian culture but also because you care for him and wish to break the fast with him in the most romantic way.

Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth 3

Cooking Together

There are very few men who would like to cook but Karwa Chauth is the best chance for women to get their husbands into the kitchen. You can request him to take a leave that day and both of you can cook all the relishing meals together for the night. This way your love will definitely increase and your Karwa Chauth will end in a very blissful manner.

Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth 4


When was the last time you watched a film with your husband? Your daily routine might forbid you from enjoying moments with your husband but on this day you can do so. This can add on to the spark of the occasion. After doing the rituals and satisfying your tummies, both of you can just switch off the lights and enjoy a romantic film together. Now, one need not always go to a theatre to watch a film. You can just download it and enjoy the movie in the comfort of your home as this way you will get your private space as well. This can also decrease the tiredness you would feel after starving for such a long duration and would definitely create everlasting memories.

So women, why don’t you try out these things tomorrow? Your husband will definitely appreciate all your efforts and it will make this day different than other Karwa Chauths you might have spent with your hubby. So go for it and make sure you keep these ideas as a surprise. Wishing you all a very Happy Karwa Chauth.

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Things You Can Do For Your Hubby This Karwa Chauth 6
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