The Broken Promise- Part 2 | Love Story

The Broken Promise- Part 2 | Love Story

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I was well aware of the reality that Alisha was feeling insecure about my closeness to Sarika. I was badly stuck between best friendship and love. I might have proposed her and we might be in a relationship but things weren’t happening as they should have been. I should have given her time but I was giving this precious time to Sarika. Since the past few days, she wasn’t feeling well and she broke up with her boyfriend and I knew she needed me badly. At the same time, I knew I wasn’t doing right with Alisha.

“Hello,” I replied after receiving Alisha’s call.

“Hi, I hope I am not disturbing you?”

“Baby, why are you saying so? You have got all the rights to call me anytime. You don’t need any permission and you needn’t be guilty about anything. I am just stuck in a horrible situation. Please understand my situation.”

“I understand you and this is the reason I am with you. But what I can see you are just not able to see. She is trying to separate us. She is jealous. I am saying this directly. I am not getting good vibes from your so-called best friend’s presence in our life. She has to understand that we need our space.”

“Why do you have to repeat these lines every day? I know I am wrong here but I just don’t want to listen to all this daily. It’s just a matter of a few days. Once she’ll be alright I promise we will spend a lot of time together.”

“You’ve been saying so since a long time but your time doesn’t come. Till the time she is in your life I don’t think so, we can ever be together.”

“Don’t you think it’s getting too much now? Don’t compel me to become a person that I am not.”

Before she could say anything more I disconnected the call in anger. Even after knowing that I was wrong and missing on things that actually mean a lot to me, I was with Sarika. That time the only thought I had in my mind was that Sarika is alone and I cannot leave her alone. I still remember the days she had been with me during my bad times.

A month passed by and the differences between me and Alisha kept on increasing with time. The more I tried to sort things out the more they got tangled. I expected her to be calm but she wouldn’t. She would yell at me daily and target me with her harsh words. I kept on listening to her complaints but there was a limit to everything. One day I just broke up with her in anger, although it was very unintentional I did it. After a few hours I realized my fault and I decided to just fix the things and finally go back to her. It was time to undo my mistakes. She will definitely forgive me. It was the day to return, apologize and win her trust again. It was time to give her the love that she deserved.

I went to her flat with a bouquet of red roses. I knocked her door several times but there wasn’t any response from inside. I tried to call her but she wasn’t receiving my calls. I texted her but she wasn’t replying. After five minutes I finally decided to leave and return the next day. This was the biggest mistake of my life. I shouldn’t have returned that day. If I wouldn’t have returned she would have been by my side today. She needed me badly that day and I would have stopped her and saved her. I couldn’t. I lost her forever. I was there in front of her apartment yet unaware of the fact that she was already inside and was able to hear me but I couldn’t hear her cries.


I glanced myself on the mirror of the car and got out for the date with Sarika. The coincidence was that it was the same venue in which I had my first date with Alisha. I was late here as well and knew Sarika might be anger. Before making my own predictions I just rushed where she was waiting for me and apologized to her. She definitely forgave me and we started our conversation.

In the midst of our conversation, I asked her a question, “Why did you choose this venue? What is so special about it?”

Although I knew her answer, I decided to stay numb as her answer would make me decide the fate of our love story. I just hoped she won’t say anything that would turn my suspicions true.

To be continued………….

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