Is Celebrity Couples Love and Affection Real On Social Media [Bloggers’ Take]

Is Celebrity Couples Love and Affection Real On Social Media [Bloggers' Take] 3

Nowadays, all of us are witnessing several social media posts of celebrities on their social media pages. A majority of celebrity couples send love or write letters to their fiance or girlfriend and sometimes romantic messages to their ex-wives on their social media handles. Does it mean that it is their real beautiful chemistry or just a publicity stunt which is handled by their PR companies? If everything is perfect, why do they end up with break-ups and another type of struggles in their relationship?

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To talk more about this issue and come to a final conclusion, we have invited various bloggers to share their personal opinions on the issue and the following were their inputs:

I Won`t say all celebrity do this for publicity but yes I do believe Most of them does. For me feeling of love is very beautiful and personal, there is no need to show your love to the whole world. Love can reflect from your eyes even you do not say a single word. Considering the fact that Celebrity`s life whirl around media and most of the thing they do is only to be in media, It is hard to believe that all the love letters and messages they post on social media are not a publicity part.

Blogger – Sana Patel

We need to accept that celebrities are people about whom we want to know about, day-in and day-out; from breakfast to dinner; from waking till sleeping finally at end-of-day, we want to know everything. Their love-life is also a part of this demand, though subjectively voyeuristic it may be. It may give us a sense of satisfaction, sometimes even generate ideas about what to do should we have the opportunity, so on and so forth. But the entire process becomes a more dehumanized one, if it is done more often than not, and also for the sake of publicity, which very few ever will admit too. To cut it short, it’s real sometimes, but not always, certainly.

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Blogger – Wrik Sen
Blog –

Celebs love being in the news and would stoop to any levels, even if it means posting something spicy about the ex’s on social media. Yes, PR agencies do love piggy-backing on the EX-factor to garner the extra mileage for their clients. Some relationships do flower more from a break-up but surely it’s hitting the eye-balls which matters once you are in the celebrity zone. Didn’t Hrithik just do something similar recently for his ex-wife? Sab chalta hai, news mein rehna chahiye.

Blogger – Aryeman
Blog  –

Yes, we all would agree to the fact that if your love is true it will automatically reflect. So, friends what are your views about this topic? Please comment your views below and like and share the post.

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