Rani Mukherjee No Makeup Photos

Rani Mukherjee No Makeup Photos

It is a pretty well-known fact that almost all the Bollywood actresses have make-up on almost all the time, be it social events or any kind of public appearances. We have seen actresses put on heavy make-up to light subtle make-up as well. However, there are a few numbers of actresses who do not put either make-up or our very light makeup and they still manage to look dazzling as ever.

One of these actresses who look beautiful even without any makeup is Rani Mukherjee. Rani Mukherjee is one of the most glamorous actresses in the Bollywood Diva Club and she has been in the eyes of people on various occasions when she made public appearances without sporting any kind of make-up.



How to Look Good without Makeup

Here are some of the Rani Mukherjee without makeup photos:

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Rani mukherjee no make up photos

The no make-up winter look of Rani

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In the above picture, Rani Mukherjee is seen wearing an oversized jacket in a cold place. Her lively hair and properly maintained combed hair make her look composed and beautiful as always. Even though she does not have any make-up, she still looks glamorous enough with a radiant glow on the face.

The simple and subtle look

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

In this still, even though Rani Mukherjee has no makeup on her face, her lively face, and beautiful eyes steal the show away very easily.

The effortless and Colourful Rani

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

Rani is seen sporting a very basic yellow t-shirt while she apparently is seen cheering for someone, or something. The feature that adds to her beauty is the way in which she can carry a basic combination of a t-shirt and a pair of jeans without any makeup at all and still appears to look very classy and trendy at the same time.

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The Red Beauty

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Rani effortlessly dazzles everyone with her natural beauty by just sporting a red top without any makeup while she poses with someone for a picture.

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An ever-smiling face at all times

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

Apart from her beautiful long hair, she also has a very gorgeous smile. This photo of Rani Mukherjee was clicked at the airport. Even though she has no make-up on her face and a very simple hairstyle, her ever-smiling face steals the show and manages to leave her fans amazed by her looks without make-up.

Related image

This picture also proves how easily Rani manages to look lively and beautiful without any makeup with just a smile and a pair of earrings.

An intelligent look with spectacles

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

In this image, Rani is seen in a completely different look than her usual appearances and the way to see her in the movies. Here, she shows her intellectual side while she is waiting to enter her car. Being basic in her outfit, she is seen wearing what appears to be a simple pink kurta.

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

This is another picture of the intellectual Rani where she was clicked getting out of a car after leaving a hotel post dinner.

Rani mukherjee no make up photos

These are just limited examples of Rani Mukherjee looking glamorous and dazzling without make-up. There have been various other instances where she has been spotted wearing no make-up and very simple, yet classy outfits.

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