My girlfriend became a murderer……….

My girlfriend became a murderer……….

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I’ve been dating Riya for the past two years but I have never seen her so alarmed before. She was all white with fear that day. I asked her multiple times what was the matter but she was just not ready to reply. She sat on the bed all numb and was neither speaking nor eating the meal that I had prepared for her that day. I sat next to her and tried my level best to convince her to speak to me. She still stood numb.

“Honey, please tell me what’s wrong? How will I help you if you won’t share your problem with me?” I asked.

After five minutes, she finally replied, “I killed him.”

I stepped back with shock over what I just heard. Did she kill someone? But why? There were a lot of questions buzzing in my mind that needed an answer immediately.

“He was trying to molest me and in self-defence, I killed my boss. I just couldn’t bear the moment he was attempting to touch my private parts.”

Suddenly she started crying hysterically and I hugged her tight. She shouted badly, her eyes full of tears. I was not able to take the pain she was going through but I have to be strong as I was the only person in her life who was close to her. Her parents died when she was young and her maternal uncle always treated her harshly and taunted her for being a burden to them.

“Just narrate me everything from the start.”

“It was nine and I was about to leave for home when my boss called me in his cabin. I was late that day as I was given extra assignments with the pressure to complete them that day. I had no option but to go to his cabin. I saw him staring me badly but I ignored that time as he was my boss. Suddenly he started coming closer to me and in the midst of our conversation he held my hand. I withdrew it somehow then he wrapped his arms around my body and bent forward to kiss me forcibly. I was crying for help but I knew there was no one there. I felt helpless and in panic, I just grabbed a flower vase in his cabin and hit his head. It was too late to realize that I killed him. I just ran away but in middle, I realized that I should delete the CCTV footage else the policemen will put me behind bars for being faultless. I was late as the moment I returned I saw police was already there. I just escaped and came here directly.”

She held my hand and cried,” I don’t want to go to prison. Please save me. Please, Saurabh save me.”

Suddenly, I heard someone knocking at outdoor. I feared it was the cops. I just didn’t know what to do. If I opened the door they would take her away and if I don’t open the door their suspicion will turn true. What to do?

“Baby, do you trust me?”

“Definitely. Please don’t open the door. I don’t want to leave you.”

“Riya just trust me. I will not let anything go wrong and will get you out of that prison soon. This time it will be better if you go with them otherwise they’ll doubt us more. We have not done anything wrong and I will prove it.”

“No please.”

“Please, I request you.”


I kissed her and wiped her tears. The doorbell continued to ring and I went to open the door. My intuitions turned true when I saw the cops standing in front of me. I tried to convince them that my girlfriend was innocent but they were just not ready to listen as they had an arrest warrant against Riya.

I saw her looking at me and crying as she was going away and away from me. With my eye contact I promised to mend everything as soon as possible.

To be continued………………..

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