Lark Pro Sleep Coach Monitor Review

Lark Pro Sleep Coach Monitor acts like your personal sleep coach that coaches based on your personal sleep habits and provides more insight into daily sleep pattern. Thus, it helps you to sleep better and wake up fresh with its intelligently designed silent alarm.

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  • You can transform your iPod, iPad or iPhone into your personal sleep coach with this device by Lark, which is one of a kind sleep coach and silent alarm.
  • The device uses year long award winning personal sleep coach program to help you sleep better
  • With the LARK UP mobile app and personal online dashboard, you get a good coach based on your unique sleep habits
  • Its nighttime wristband is to nudge you awake silently
  • Tells you how to sleep better, and how well you slept


Although the device is designed to be your personal coach with its app, but the app would not provide you enough information on your sleep patterns unless you happen to invest in the Pro version that costs $59/year. Also, it is compatible only with the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and that too should be 3rd generation and beyond.

The micro-USB port is also a concern for being at an awkward angle that makes it difficult to dock the gadget.

The verdict:

Undoubtedly, Lark Pro Sleep Coach Monitor helps to improve your sleep by providing insight into your daily sleep habits. While it tells how much time you took to fall asleep, it also reveals how many times you woke up during the night. With the app, you get complete information. But, the choice of device is perfect if you own any of the Apple devices of third generation or above. Also, it makes a great choice if you are ready to spend a few dollars on purchasing the Pro version of the app. With an average rating of 6 out of 10, it raises some concerns too.

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