Chinese Bodybuilder Accused of Pornography

Chinese Bodybuilder Accused of Pornography

Chinese Bodybuilder Lara Zhang is attacked by the cyber police of her own country. The bodybuilder posted a video of her posing in green bikini and high heeled sandals.

The Australian based athlete posted these pictures on a Chinese social networking site Weibo in July 2018. The video went unnoticed until now when suddenly the “Moral Cyber Police” of China decided to put the video down because of national security regulations.

Chinese Bodybuilder Accused of Pornography
Chinese Bodybuilder Accused of Pornography

In China, the cyber police which is protecting internet crime and is also responsible for moral policing and communist feelings all over the internet.

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“According to the national security laws and cybersecurity regulations, it’s illegal to publish or spread obscene or pornographic information on the internet,” police representatives commented below the video, as translated”

Such behavior is subject to investigation by public security departments and will be punished in accordance with relevant laws.”

When the bodybuilder was asked, she said that she was promoting athletic sports and bikini is an outfit required by female professional bodybuilders.

Please show me the results of your investigation and official documents when you are ready. I’ll fight for my rights and appeal,” she wrote.

The competition I attended was associated with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. It baffles me why it’s so difficult to promote an athletic sport.”

The female bodybuilder said that Chinese cyber police have been behaving “regressive and ignorant.”

“I don’t care about how average people see me because everyone views beauty differently. But how could a verified account of the police be so regressive and ignorant? I’m entitled to claim my rights.”

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