Bruna Abdullah is 5 months Pregnant with Fiance Al

Another good news. There are many celebs these days who are welcoming new life quite soon in their marriage. And we have Bruna Abdullah of I Hate Love Storys fame. She is the one embracing motherhood before tying the nuptial knot with her boyfriend Scottish turned boyfriend Al.

Let’s give you a backdrop of their love story. Al proposed his lady love when they were on a trip to Zermatt which is a tourism site in Switzerland. Bruna herself shared the proposal video.

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Bruna Abdullah is 5 months Pregnant with Fiance Al
Bruna Abdullah is 5 months Pregnant with Fiance Al

Later Bruna revealed “A marriage certificate is nothing but a piece of paper, which is simply not enough to bind two people together. Some couples get divorced, while some live together unhappily and even cheat on each other. I believe nothing but love keeps people together. It is widely believed that marriage is a symbol of love. But is it really?”

She further added “Our baby is growing well and healthy. Our families were over the moon when we shared the news with them. My mother has waited her whole life for this day. I think this is the most beautiful surprise of our lives. The baby is 22 weeks old and we are waiting with bated breath for him/her to arrive. Allan and I are grateful and ready for parenthood. We are settled and have everything we would need. I’m excited and very happy.” Bruna also revealed that since the couple is welcoming baby, they are planning to tie the knot soon, “Allan and I will be planning something soon.”

When the lady was asked that she kept her pregnancy under wraps since long. The lady replied “It wasn’t a conscious effort. I had a few projects, including dance shows to finish when I learned that I was pregnant. I decided to keep the news private so that I could fulfill my work commitments.”

She further added “I didn’t want anyone to think that I won’t be able to work because I am pregnant. I danced until my fourth month. I felt fit and healthy enough to do that, and I stopped when I was told to. I love what I do and it’s tough for anyone to keep me away from work. After the delivery, I want to spend every second I can with the little one. I will hit the gym as soon as I am allowed to and get back to work.”

Bruna and Al dated for almost two years before the proposal happened in December 2018.

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