Traps of Artificial Low Carbohydrates Dietary Products

Traps of Artificial Low Carbohydrates Dietary Products

Carbohydrates are one of the major nutrients required by the body. They are the major source of energy in the body. Chemically carbohydrates are a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are also called as sugars.

Artificial low carbohydrate products are derived from the natural carbohydrates. The artificial carbohydrates are being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA declares a substance “generally recognised as safe” (GRAS), which means the substance is fit for consumption but in the defined limits.

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The organisation has defined the limit of intake of a given artificial substance. This limit has been decided after years of scientific research. The quantity is called as Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI). ADI is the maximum safe level that should be consumed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the following drugs for the use:

  1. Neotame
  2. Saccharin
  3. Acesulfame
  4. Acesulfame potassium

There are many drugs such as cyclamate which are banned in United States but they are approved for use in other countries. Artificial sweeteners have found a place in the kitchen of people who follow a strict diet regime. People who keep a check on their weight also prefer using the artificial carbs instead of the sugar. They are an essential component of soft drinks, powdered drink mixes, puddings, jellies, dairy products, and beverages.

The market is full of products which have been synthetically developed with the low carbohydrate content. They have been specially made to be included in the diet of people who are on a weight loss spree. Amongst the naturally occurring products with low carbohydrate content are meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

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The health benefits which are attached with the artificial dietary carbohydrates

  1. They are zero on the calorie front. This helps one to keep a check on his or her weight. It is a wonderful option for people who are on a weight loss spree. The sugar component of your favourite food can be substituted with these. One can gorge upon the favourite cakes, pastries, chocolates and the sweets irrespective of the calorie count.
  2. It is an attractive option for the people who are suffering from diabetes. But one should always consult his physician before including these as a component of diet. Sometimes there can be adverse effects caused by these on one’s health. Self- prescription is not advisable in this case.

There is a plethora of disadvantages which are offered by the low carbohydrate dietary products:

  1. The artificial sweeteners which are low on carbohydrate content have zero nutrition value. One of the major constituent of artificial sweetener is phosphoric acid. This ingredient has a decaying effect on the bones in the later stages of life. Also research has proved that a small quantity of sugar eaten is equivalent to large quantities of artificial sugar. The taste buds are unable to adapt the taste.
  2. Many times there are conditions in which body is unable to adapt to the sugars. It has been observed in some cases that diarrhoea, bloating and intestinal gas develop if the quantity is eaten more than a certain fixed level.
  3. It is a myth that the artificial sugar has no side effect on diabetic patient. The blood sugar levels are affected by the intake of the sweeteners.
  4. The most dangerous side effect of the artificial sweeteners is that they are carcinogenic. Studies have proved that certain artificial sweeteners have promoted the growth of cancerous cell in the body.
  5. Diseases such as systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis may also tend to develop as a side effect of the drugs.
  6. A severe metabolic state of ketosis has developed. This is a dangerous metabolic state in which the body starts utilising the fat present in the body. This lead to the formation of ketones which leads to the organ failure.
  7. There are chances to develop high cholesterol. This leads to high blood pressure. The chance of atherosclerosis develops. Conditions such as stroke, heart disease can develop.
  8. There are chances to develop dehydration. In this the loss of water takes place from the body.
  9. There are many long term health issues associated with these artificial carbohydrates. The body is accustomed to natural carbohydrates and sudden change to the artificial has an effect on organs. It becomes difficult for the body to produce mucous and other essential compounds such as glycol proteins. Glyco proteins are required for performing many essential functions of the body.