10 Effective Methods to Straighten your Hair Naturally

10 Effective Methods to Straighten your Hair Naturally 10

Do you have curly hair and you just can’t bear it anymore? Have you gone to parlour several times and have spent a lot of money in their expensive treatments just to experience how straight hair looks on you that to just a temporary treatment? Let me tell you one thing that the treatments done in parlour not only increase your expenses but also degrade the quality of your hair. But if we can’t go to parlour then ? Instead of wasting time and money in parlour you can definitely opt for natural hair straightening products. Recently, we have published post on 2019 Best Hairstyles for Indian Women and now we will be revealing 10 simple methods for natural hair straightening.

1. Milk and Honey

If you have been constantly looking for natural hair straighteners then you must definitely try milk and honey. In a bowl of milk just add 2 or 3 spoons of honey and apply it on your hair. Leave the mixture for approximately an hour and rinse it only with cold water.

2. Eggs

The smell of egg might not please everyone but eggs are one of the best remedies to straighten hair naturally at home. You just have to take raw egg whites and apply it on your hair. Leave the mixture for half an hour and wash it first with cold water and then with shampoo.

3. Rice Flour and Egg

Rice flour and egg hair mask is very popular in hair straightening and you can easily make it at home. Mix rice flour and two eggs perfectly and gently apply on hair. Leave this hair mask for at least an hour and see the change after washing. Do this twice a month for quicker results.

4. Banana

It may sound disgusting if I say you have to apply a banana paste on your hair. Banana is something we love to eat but cannot apply on hair. But if you’ll do so, trust me you will gain natural straight hair very quickly.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

As we all know, aloe vera is a very effective ingredient and is nutritious for our hair. So what’s the harm in applying it daily on our hair before going to take a shower. You don’t need to rinse it with shampoo. It will not only make your hair smoother but thicker and shinier as well.

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6. Olive Oil

We often prefer cooking food with Olive oil instead of normal oil as it provides nutrition and does not harm our health. It does the same work when we apply it to our hair. Adding on to the health of our hair it makes them straight within a few months.

7. Coconut Oil

We all must have heard about it and a few of us even apply it on our hair. Then why doesn’t our hair straighten? I’ll tell you the reason. You have to apply coconut oil with one spoon of Aloe Vera gel and then see the change in your hair quality.

8. Castor Oil

Castor oil is very effective in straightening your hair if you apply it after heating it slightly. Just massage it in a very little quantity for fifteen minutes and leave it overnight. It will remove dandruff as well.

9. Almond Oil

If almonds can be good for our health then why can’t they be good for our hair? The best part is that it’ll straighten your hair as well. So just replace your normal hair oil with almond oil.

10. Yogurt

Yogurt is a natural hair cleanser and not only hydrates your hair but also straightens them within 2-3 months. So apply it twice or thrice a week for better and quicker results.

So which remedy are you planning to use immediately? Try them and share your personal experience with us below. Like and share our post if you find it helpful.

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