Tutorial – How to Bleach Hair Step by Step Guide

Tutorial - How to Bleach Hair Step by Step Guide 1

It happens many times with women that they try bleaching hair at home but always fail due to several reasons like inappropriate ingredients or wrong way of applying bleach your hair. Whatever the reason it, you don’t get the desired results and are compelled to go to the hair salon for getting your hair bleached by professionals. If you are facing this situation then you must definitely read this entire post as by the end of this post you will be able to bleach your hair at home easily. Recently, we have published a post on 2019 Best Hair Styles for American Women and now we will be sharing the step-by-step tutorial on how to bleach your hair at home:

1. Prepare Bleach Pack

Remember one thing, use good quality hair bleach products for this purpose. You have to make the mask by mixing bleach powder with a mild shampoo and keeping it aside for 10 minutes.

2. Partition Hair

The next step is to prepare your hair for bleach. You first have to comb your hair properly and ensure that there aren’t any tangles. Do make an equal partition in front so that your hair is bleached perfectly.

3. Applying Bleach

You have to be very careful when you apply the bleach to your hair. Firstly, you must take very thin strands. Apply properly and ensure that the bleach doesn’t touch your scalp. Lastly, use hair clips and a rubber band to avoid back hair strands falling in front.

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4. Wear Plastic Film

After applying bleach on all the layers of your hair, just take a plastic thin cover and cover your hair with it so that dust particles don’t ruin the bleaching effect.

5. Rinsing Hair

Let the beach stay in your hair for thirty minutes and then wash them. First, you wash off the bleach and then apply shampoo.

6. Apply Conditioner

Your job isn’t over yet. You have to apply conditioner to preserve your soft hair quality and make your hair look shiny with the new hair colour. Let conditioner stay on your head for 10 minutes and later rinse it with cold water.

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