Which is better- love marriage or arrange marriage?

Which is better- love marriage or arrange marriage? 4

Which marriage is successful- love or arrange? This is a very common question that strikes every couple as well as singles’ lives. If love marriage is more successful then why do people leave other so soon? If arrange marriage is more successful then why do people stay like strangers forever? All these questions revolve in a man as well as a woman’s brain when they acquire the right age of marriage. These questions are really difficult to answer but every question has an answer and so does this one. I am sure you will find your answer by the end of this post. So let us start the discussion by gathering all the appropriate facts about both the marriages one by one.

Arrange Marriage

The era of today mostly doesn’t prefer this marriage as they feel that love should happen before marriage. How can we spend the rest of our life with a person whom we don’t love or whom we don’t know much? Though people don’t opt for arrange marriage, these marriages have been more successful than the loved ones. The reason behind this is that they love develops after marriage and since they know that they are already married, they’ll always be loyal to each other. The couple makes several efforts to ensure that their partners stay comfortable in their presence. But the major problem in arrange marriage is that it is kind of a risk that one takes with his or her life. What if you two won’t fall in love? This might make you regret your decision and will snach your chance of finding the true love of your life.

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Love Marriage

Now coming to love marriage, youth of today is mostly in favour of it as they know whom they are going to spend the rest of their lives with. They get to know each other before marriage and of course there is immense love between the couple. They are sure about each other and know how their marriage will work out in future. But is it really successful? Young couples often enter into love marriages but usually separate within a few years. The reason behind this is that they do not give each other space and they know that they’ll always be with each other so they take their partners very lightly.

People know how to do love marriages but they don’t know how to sustain it in future. After reading this post which marriage according to you is more successful? Please comment your opinions below.

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