Makeup Guide For Big Eyes

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 1

Every human being carries a different personality and is born with his or her unique beauty features. Similarly, all of us possess different eyes in texture, complexion as well as size. Those who have too huge eyes or too small eyes often crib over the size of their eyes and start comparing themselves to people who have beautiful eyes. Let me tell you that every person is beautiful in her own way. It is just the way you reveal yourself and highlights your attributes in the most attractive manner. Big eyes are something that attracts men the most towards a lady. So if you have big eyes then you must respect and love them. Applying the right makeup in the most professional manner is all that you need to make your eyes hypnotic.

The following is are eye makeup steps that every woman must follow to apply eye makeup for big eyes:

1. Foundation Matching The Tone

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 2

Most of the women make a mistake in this step and let me tell you that if you will not make the right selection of foundation then your whole makeup will be spoilt. So this is a very crucial step in eye makeup tutorial. Foundation is used to hide your dark circles or certain imperfection and not to look fair. So don’t apply the foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone as it will diminish the real beauty of your eyes.

2. Kajal

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 3

Kajal is something that drives the audience’s attention towards your eyes and so you have to be very careful while applying it on your eyes. Since you have big eyes, just make sure that the line under your eyes is thick but not to an extreme level that it makes you look scary. Keep it thick yet simple.

3. Mascara

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 4

Although mascara doesn’t contribute much towards eye makeup, yet it gives your eyelashes a perfect shape and texture. It reveals the spark of your eyes when you shut your eyelids or bent them downwards. Just choose the right design.

4. Eye Shadow (First Layer)

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 5

Since your eyes are big, you must apply eyeshadow in two layers. In the first layer, you will just apply the first colour. Start with the inner corner of your eye and as you’ll move outwards make it darker and darker. The outermost corner of the eye should have the darkest makeup. The first layer should be a sparkly light colour like silver, golden, blue, green, etc. Use sparkly eye shadow to highlight your eyes.

5. Eye Shadow (Second Layer)

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 6

Now in this step, you just have to merge your first layer eye shadow colour with a tone that’ll highlight its colour in the best possible way. For example, if you have applied silver then you can use shades of blue. Remember one thing, in this step you just have to apply a little bit of eyeshadow. Don’t use an excessive amount else it’ll mix badly with your first colour and will create a dull looking colour that’ll just spoil the whole makeup.

6. Eye Liner

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 7

For big eyes, the eyeliner layer should always be thick. Just apply 2-3 lines if you are not able to draw a thick line altogether. Don’t make it too thick or it’ll hide your eyeshadow. Be careful about the wing at the outer corner and make it thicker than the inner layer created by the eyeliner.

7. Eye Design

Makeup Guide For Big Eyes 8

This step is optional one as most of you might not be confident about this one if you are a beginner in eye makeup. In this step, you just have to draw a small design on your eyelids or corners of your eyelids. For example, circles, stars, diamonds, etc. It makes your eyes look creative and definitely attractive and will make you stand out well in the crowd. Nowadays, eye stickers are avialble that can be easily stuck on the preferable area of your eyelids.

Did you find this post helpful? Please share your personal experience below after trying out the above steps. You can also share your pictures below after applying makeup using the above steps.

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