List of Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

A breath analyser test can be very important. It is critical for a person to be tested after consuming alcohol while at a party, a bar or other place where alcohol might be served. This is to ensure that a person’s blood alcohol content or BAC is at a low enough level to where a person can drive a vehicle without being impaired. A analyser can help with keeping a person from possibly being likely to drive while intoxicated and put oneself and other people at risk of serious harm.

Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

Today you can find a variety of breath alcohol testers on the market. These are all easy to use and come with their own display features to help you identify one’s BAC. You have to use one of these to help see what one’s alcohol breath test levels might be.

BACtrack S80 Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

BACtrack S80

The first choice to see is this model from BACtrack. The S80 offers a platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor that works just like the BAC testers that police officers and hospital works use in their advanced models. The unit is accurate enough to target BAC levels to the nearest thousandth of a percentage point. It takes about ten seconds for the unit to get a full and accurate readout. The unit is also sensitive enough to where it will only use a certain amount of one’s breath when getting it to work, thus ensuring that it offered a detailed result.


  • Internal pump captures a user’s breath quickly
  • Display screen offers a detailed layout
  • Easy to apply and wash off


  • Tough to open the battery compartment
  • Can be easily damaged if dropped

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BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

When looking for a portable testing item, you can use this BACtrack model. It uses a small sensor that fits well in your pocket or purse. It starts up in a little more than ten seconds and will produce a full readout with a simple digital display with bright red numbers. The mouthpiece can also be pulled out from inside of the unit, thus keeping it from being exposed to various fumes and air particles that might influence the results of a test.


  • Small and easy to use body
  • Does not take long to start up
  • Easy to add and replace battery


  • Battery only works for about 150 uses
  • Might not be as thorough or detailed as a larger model

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AlcoHAWK PT500 Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

AlcoHAWK PT500

The AlcoHAWK PT500 uses a four-digit LCD display and comes with both a test counter for analyzing the accuracy of the unit and a temperature check. The temperature readout helps with identifying the conditions around the testing site, thus making it easier for you to find the ideal conditions for a test to take place at. This comes as it might be easier for a breath analyser test to have an accurate readout when the temperature is calm and controlled.

This also comes with five mouthpieces with each piece being easy to clean off. The display screen is also easy to read with enough of a convenient layout that you will love.


  • Easy to add and remove individual mouthpieces from the unit
  • Fuel cell sensor can handle thousands of tests
  • Works with a 0.01% accuracy level


  • Menu is tough to move around
  • Mouthpieces can bend and become damaged quickly

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Alayna Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

Alayna Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

The smaller layout of this breath analyser is useful for when you need to get an alcohol breath analyser reading from any spot. What makes this model unique is that instead of a typical mouthpiece, it uses a sensor at the top part. This sensor is easy to clean off as it has enough wide openings to make it easier to manage.


  • Works for all people including nursing mothers
  • Alarm sensor lets you know when the unit has a reading
  • Only takes a few seconds for the sensor to produce a reading


  • You have to wait three minutes or more in between each test for this to work
  • Sensor can be harmed if a user had a drink or smoke within 20 minutes before using it

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AlcoHAWK PT500 Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

AlcoHAWK PT500P Tester With Printer

You can opt for this AlcoHAWK model if you need an alcohol breath analyser with printer functionality. This professional quality unit links to its own wireless printer to produce a full readout that includes details on one’s BAC total and how the result was gathered. The detailed information helps you to compare the data with an alcohol breath test chart to see if a person’s BAC total is healthy enough.


  • Comes with ten mouthpieces for use
  • Simple control scheme
  • Comes with its own protective case


  • It is best to dispose of the mouthpieces on this model after they are used; additional ones are sold separately
  • Best for technical use as it may be hard to read the results at times

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Alcovisor CLICK Smartphone Breathalyzer Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018

Alcovisor CLICK Smartphone Breathalyzer

The last alcohol tester to see is this Alcovisor model that links up to a smartphone. To use this, you will have to plug the unit into the appropriate outlet on your phone while also downloading the proper Alcovisor app that the testing unit is compatible with. The fuel sensor technology on this model helps you get an accurate readout every time.

The results you get out of the breathalyzer will be laid out on your smartphone screen after each use. These results include details on how well the BAC is being measured and the temperature of one’s breath among other points.


  • Mouthpiece fits perfectly onto the tester
  • Cleans off quickly
  • Works on most phones
  • Sensors works for hundreds of tests before the battery needs to be replaced


  • Needs to be administered at the right angle for it to work
  • Does not come with a replacement mouthpiece

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A great breath tester is needed for ensuring that anyone who has had alcohol can safely drive anywhere. Be sure to look at these models for a tester so you can have more control over the night while keeping everyone, including yourself, protected and safe.

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Piya C
Piya C is internet savvy health and lifestyle blogger. She covers beauty, relationship, diet and many more topics. #blogger #author Want to connect with me? Follow me. I reply my every DM & tweet.
List of Top Breath Alcohol Testers 2018 3
Piya C is internet savvy health and lifestyle blogger. She covers beauty, relationship, diet and many more topics. #blogger #author Want to connect with me? Follow me. I reply my every DM & tweet.

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