VIRAL : Is Tiger Shroff Body Natural ?

VIRAL : Is Tiger Shroff Body Natural ?

Ok, let’s admit that teens are crazy over Tiger Shroff’s body. I have seen and known many young boys who go to the gym and just ask that we want a body like Tiger Shroff, please train us accordingly. That is the level of craze and popularity this guy has.

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But the million dollar question is that is it real? Has Tiger Shroff got a real body which is achievable by others? It is because half of the time these actors are on steroids which is not at all healthy and recommended.

So, let’s hear it from the experts. We have Tarun Gill, the fitness trainer, an expert who will share his insights about Tiger Shroff’s body and fitness.

1.He begins by one of the most strong points about Tiger’s genes. He is the son of superstar Jackie Shroff. His father has got an extremely good physique and so has the son. So, genetic wise he is already halfway there.

2. When it comes to his flexibility, then the biggest USP of Tiger Shroff is that he started with sports quite young. He has done gymnastics which is great for flexibility. Other than that he is also trained in martial arts, which is again very good for flexibility.

3. Plus, the guy is known to be extremely disciplined and hardworking. This has worked extremely well in his career and especially in the field of bodybuilding.

4. Also, the point to be noted here is that the celebs are always under the supervision of trained and certified professionals. They are the one who follows a strict diet and exercise regime in order to get that body. Such kind of access to fitness is either not affordable or not achievable by us.

5. Plus, when they have a target to get into that desired shape, then the person in question is getting trained for 4-6 hours a day under guided professionals which is not feasible by us. Plus, way out of our budget also.

6. Tarun also highlights the point that he is not sure about the steroid part. Because if Tiger is taking steroids then he is under strict scientific and medical supervision so that nothing goes wrong. But he urges the fan to never even think about steroids because they have extremely nasty side effects.

7. Other than that their fitness cycles are scientifically driven. And thus they get exact and calculated results as desired by them.

8. Last but not least, Tarun Gill also says that his body is of course achievable. He has got feasible fat content but yes you need to be under strict supervision and be extremely strict about your diet and then only you can get a body like Tiger Shroff.

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