Top 5 Teeth Whitening Products in India 2017

Do you feel sad about your stained and yellowish teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable while smiling and laughing in front of others? Are you sick of trying out costly ‘teeth whitening’ which give unsatisfactory results? Well, then this article is just for you!!

Smiles define who you are. When you don’t smile properly because of your stained and yellowish teeth, it has a negative impact on your impression. Having pearly white teeth enhance ones personality. People feels more comfortable to talk and interact with such people. However, to get sparkly white teeth isn’t that simple.

You will need the teeth whitening products for that purpose. But finding a good quality teeth whitening product is a difficult job since the markets are loaded with such products. Most of these ‘unsatisfactory’ products are very cheap and generally don’t show positive effect. Thus, you end up wasting your money on a wrong product. So, to help you out, we have found out the best 5 teeth whitening product in India!!

The following list consists of all the top products which have selected according to ratings and reviews:-

  1. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste: Colgate is one of the most popular and reliable tooth-paste brands in India. Its Optic white toothpaste is among the most bought and reviewed products. After you start using it, you will see the results within few days of application. Several users have given positive reviews and have also suggested others to use this. Moreover, it is also available at a very affordable price. So, if you wish to have sparkly white teeth at a reasonable price and in a short time then this product is just for you!!

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  1. Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste: Sensodyne is another popular medicinal toothpaste brand in India. It has a proportionate quantity of fluoride which helps in whitening teeth to some extent. It doesn’t make your white completely white but if you use it 2 times a day regularly then you will surely be able to get those desired white teeth. This paste really worth a try!!

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  1. Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening Mouthwash: If you are searching for a ‘teeth whitening product’ which actually ‘does work’ then you should definitely try out Listerine’s whitening Mouthwash. It has received several positive reviews from users. However, it may take few weeks or months, but it will surely work! Moreover, it comes with a ‘six-in-one’ benefit: It whitens teeth, prevents cavities, strengthens teeth, restores enamel, freshens breathe, kills bad breathe germs and cleans the whole mouth. So, if you want a miraculous product which not only whitens teeth but also keeps your mouth and teeth healthy, then you should go for Listerine!!

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  1. Wrigley’s Orbit spearmint white sugarcane chewing gum: Are you looking for a ‘teeth whitening product’ which works instantly? Then you should try out this special chewing gum. Not only paste and mouthwash, but gums can also whiten your teeth. Orbit’s gum has whitening ingredients which cleans the teeth, disables the formation of germs and doesn’t allow stain formation on the teeth enamel. The more you chew the gum the more better results you get. So, buy this low cost teeth whitening product and chew it whenever you can!!

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  1. Sensodyne Pornamel toothpaste gentle whitening proline breeze: If you have sensitive teeth and in need of a good teeth whitening product, then this one is just for you!! This product has received several excellent reviews and it is highly recommended. It has a special feature of protecting against acid wear and gently yet effectively remove the stain layers from the enamel. So, get this product and own healthy white teeth in a short period of time!!

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