Strategies To Make Your ‘Blue’ Theme Impactful On World Diabetes Day

Strategies To Make Your 'Blue' Theme Impactful On World Diabetes Day 6

When you’ll be clicking this post, I am sure most of you must be wondering that how is ‘blue’ colour related to World Diabetes Day. Let me tell you that blue is the colour of the sky and so this colour is important on this day as it reflects the unity of nations highlighting that sky is one for all and so every person must support each other on this day to ensure that you acquire success and get rid of diabetes soon. Most of the people will be opting for blue as their World Diabetes Day 2018 theme. If you are planning to celebrate this day then you must use the following tactics to ensure that your blue theme creates a huge impact on the people across the world.

#1 Hashtag Posts

Before initiating your World Diabetes Day activities you have to spread awareness about it through your social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You have to just brief about the day and how you are planning to celebrate it. Also, request people to join you as it will boost the success of your celebration.

#2 Blue Apparels

Since your theme is blue, it is very obvious that you should wear blue coloured clothes and also request your companions to do the same even if they are not planning to accompany you. This way you will be able to at least spread the message through your blue colour.

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#3 Event

If you want to make your theme grand then you must organize a small event. You need not spend thousands of dollars on it. You can even make it grand at your home by organizing various competitions in which people from diverse regions of the world can participate. For example, you can request people to post their selfies wearing blue apparels on Facebook with the hashtag, ‘World Diabetes Day.’ Besides this, you can also organize a micro-essay competition in which you can request people to post something interesting related to this day on Facebook.

#4 Prize

If you are organizing a competition then you must definitely give a reward to the winner of the competition. It will create a strong impact an will increase the interest of the audience towards this day. In the end, your message will surely reach a large audience.

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