SHOCKING WEIGHT LOSS STORY : This actress lost 5 KG in 10 days

Kangana Ranaut, the leading actress of Bollywood lost 5 kg in just 10 days. Kangana is gearing up for her appearance at Cannes.

She is all set to reappear at the 72nd Cannes film festival. She made her debut last year there. Last year she showed off her sculpted arms in a Zuhair Murad gown and the very next day she was seen in a beaded jumpsuit from Nedret Taciroglu.

This year also the lady is seen in an intense workout session. You can see her doing shoulder exercises with celeb fitness coach Yogesh Bhateja.

SHOCKING WEIGHT LOSS STORY : This actress lost 5 KG in 10 days
SHOCKING WEIGHT LOSS STORY : This actress lost 5 KG in 10 days

Bhateja shared that she has been on a high-calorie diet because of her role in the Panga movie. And it is very difficult for an actor to lose that extra weight and switch fastly. He said “Kangana was supposed to gain wait for Panga so the calorie structure we followed was higher. So, all of a sudden it is not easy for any person to switch from a high-calorie diet to a calorie-deficit diet. Kangana worked out twice a day after an intense shoot for Panga for 10-11 hours every day.” But Kangana is one of the most dedicated and highly motivated girls did the same in no time.

A boomerang video is also been posted where she is seen doing some more intense and fat burning exercises.

It was being said that Kangana gained some weight during the shooting of her movie – Panga & 39 and since she is all set to appear at Cannes thus she wants to lose that extra weight. The actress said “I was so busy with Panga. I had to gain almost 10 kilos; Ashwini (Panga’s director) wanted me to have thunder thighs. During trials (for her Cannes dresses), I realised I have to lose some weight,”

Sharing some insights about her look at Cannes, the lady said “The clothes I wear will have drama. At the same time, as an Indian actor on a global platform, I have the responsibility of endorsing our weavers and wearing outfits that reflect our rich cultural heritage. My stylist Ami Patel and I have been brainstorming for a few weeks. We, along with Falguni and Shane Peacock, are designing a unique saree. The idea is to revive the forgotten weaves and bring them to the fore so that the world is more aware of our rich fabrics and culture,”

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