Fitness Motivation: India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

Anand Arnold, aged 29 is India’s first wheelchair bodybuilder. And that’s not all. He has been suffering from spinal cancer since he was 15. He has been a great source of inspiration for all the fellow bodybuilders and even youngsters who want to make it big in this profession.

Motivation : India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder
MOTIVATION : India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

Anand began his journey when he was just 13 and won his very first title. He won the title of Mr. Golden Ludhiana when he was merely 13 years old.

He credits his elder brother as being a great source of inspiration for him. He is also a bodybuilder and Anand started accompanying his brother to the gym.

Soon after he won the Golden Ludhiana title, he started facing pain in his lower back. And with time the pain became unbearable and he was not able to concentrate on his Bodybuilding. He started visiting doctors but they were also unable to pinpoint the actual cause of this pain. But one night when the pain became unbearable he was rushed to the hospital and soon the MRI revealed that he is in the last stage of cancer. A surgery was done immediately and the tumor was removed.  But it left him paralyzed neck down with only his hands which were able to move. His bodybuilding career became a distant dream during this phase.

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There was a lull time of 3 years during his life when he was completely bedridden. He needed the help of his parents and other family members even to do any small activity. This was the time even when his family went to depression. But thanks to medicines and medical advancements his upper body gained a bit of support and thus he could make his upper body move with the lower body still paralyzed.

His friend and students used to visit him regularly and they persuaded him to visit the gym again. And that’s when he started going to the gym. When he started going to the gym, he couldn’t even walk or sit straight. He was completely humping at that point in time. One of his friend Amit Gill actually carried him like a child to the gym.

Even people at Gym were also shocked to see him. But he continued his journey. And slowly and steadily he gained momentum and this body. Anand remembers that he did shoulders for the first time in three years and he felt quite positive and good. Soon he started working out every day and regained his form. He approached his coach Mr. Ravi Parashar and he soon began to train him.

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MOTIVATION : India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder
Fitness Motivation: India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

He continued with his training and soon started competing under the name of India’s first wheelchair bodybuilder. He won numerous medals, some of which include – 3 Mr. India titles, 12 Mr. Punjab titles, and 27 other major titles.

MOTIVATION : India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder
Fitness Motivation: India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

He is also keen on his acting career. Anand shares that one of the Bollywood directors have approached him because he wants to make a  biopic on his life with him in the lead role. Also, he has landed up another small but significant role in one of the Bollywood movies. He has also been part of the Tamil movies.

But Anand has a dream that he wants to start a gym especially for the disabled people and want to train them for free.

Have a look at his story.

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